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Save on DIY With Cheap Carpet Squares

Updated on November 24, 2010

Cheap carpet squares can be a great solution for any homeowner who is replacing worn, stained or outdated carpeting in their house. Do it yourself projects are quicker and easier than ever thanks to many consumer resources and this includes the big box stores and large flooring stores that sell affordable carpet tiles. Home renovation and remodeling programs on television have made the concept of using modular carpeting no longer seem outrageous to the majority of homeowners. The first carpet tiles were difficult to install and made of substandard materials. It is is to understand why it has taken a whole new generation of tiles and design experts working together to bring about their acceptance.

Advantages of Cheap Carpet Squares

The best thing about using modular carpeting instead of area rugs or wall to wall carpeting is the ease of installation. The cost savings is a plus, but when the cost of installation is eliminated the real advantage of carpet squares become obvious. The whole family will enjoy working on a new carpeting project together. Most of these tiles are self adhesive and are just peel and stick. The go down quickly and cleanly. There is very little work needed to prep a floor ahead of time to use them.

Another big factor in choosing modular carpet tiles is the ability to create a unique pattern that reflects the homeowner's personality and style. Squares can be purchased in solid colors or patterns and then mixed and matched for a really unique look. They are also available with different textures and nap depths to add even more interest to a room.

If kids or pets are in a household the potential damage to traditional carpeting can make many families reluctant to invest in top-dollar brands. With these simple tiles, it is far easier to relax! If a tile becomes damaged due to stains, tears, burns, or just general wear it can be removed and replaced easily. No more worries and no more positioning and repositioning furniture to cover flaws.

Buying Cheap Carpet Squares

Almost any major city or large town will have a fully stocked carpet store that also caters to those looking for carpet squares. Overruns and last season's colors or styles are often heavily discounted and can make a remodel project incredibly affordable. Online retailers and even classified ads services like Craigslist are other great sources to find them. Unlike heavy roll carpeting, most carpet tiles are easily shipped in small boxes and this makes them easier to move and store until needed. Any homeowner can easily find cheap carpet squares if they plan ahead and do the research necessary.

Any homeowner can tackle a remodel project with style and ease by using carpet tiles. Easy to cut, lay, and replace if needed are all reasons to consider them. The wide range of styles and colors as well as the availability make them a top choice among designers and do it yourself professionals. Cheap carpet squares can easily add value and a fresh new look to any home in the house.


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