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Saving Energy for Kids - Teach Your Child the Importance of Saving Energy

Updated on October 13, 2017
When I turn off the light I protect my planet...
When I turn off the light I protect my planet...

It is our duty to teach our child good values as they are growing up. All our efforts will be wasted if we do not teach our children basic values that will help them become productive members of society.

One of these values is teaching them to help to keep the electricity bill down and instill in them the importance of saving money and energy. This is something that will be useful to them once they start living their own lives. We are not only teaching them to help out the family, we are also instilling in them an appreciation for having a sense of responsibility.

Some effort will be needed in order to make our children energy efficient; here is what we can do to teach them:

Educate Them

It should be among your top most priorities to teach your children how important it is to save energy. Merely counting and making a list of the ways of saving energy is not enough, it is only effective when you teach your children to be energy efficient.

Encourage them to read books about the importance of saving energy and help them gain knowledge by talking to them about it and telling them how they can help the environment by conserving energy.

Lead by Example

It is well known that children often follow our examples. If you want your child to follow the instruction you have left to save energy, you will have to follow those instructions yourself. You cannot expect them to learn something that you don’t practice yourself. Lead by example; turn off the light as you leave the room rather than just telling them to turn off the lights as they leave the room. Do not keep the lights on during the day. Combination of setting an example and teaching helps in creating good habits in your children.

Make it Enjoyable

Be creative, invest time in finding ways which are fun and will teach your child the importance of saving energy. Teach them also various ways of conserving energy. Children will respond more to an educational approach that are also entertaining. Make use of a child's innate sense of curiosity by making the process interesting and enlightening for them. Books, educational programs on television and internet websites will be a very effective medium to teach children between the ages of 5 to 10.


Adopt methods according to their Age.

Keeping in mind their age, adopt ways that will be suitable for them. Children have different attitudes and capabilities at different ages.

A 3-5 years old will not be able to turn off the switch when he or she leaves the room or finished using a particular device or appliance. You probably wouldn't want to let them unplug these devices either for safety reasons. What you can do is talk to them about it and constantly show them that you practice what you are preaching. They are very likely to follow your habits and stick to them once they are of age where they can safely and responsibly put to practice what is expected of them.

An older child may need a more direct approach. You can show them the electricity bill and tell them how it will help if they made a habit of saving energy and also explain to them the importance of saving energy to help the environment. Then you can discuss with them the various measures to adopt to help make that bill go down; unplug all electronic devices after use, don't refrigerator or freezer doors open, turn off appliances when not in use, etc. Get them involved in the process. They might even have useful suggestions that can be incorporated in your household's energy saving plan. This way you will be helping them to be more responsible by giving them a stake in a common objective such as lowering the electricity bill and saving money.

Turn the faucet off.. save water and save energy.
Turn the faucet off.. save water and save energy. | Source

Tips to Save Energy

Here are a few tips that will be helpful in teaching your children the importance of saving energy:

1- Do not leave the taps on when not in use.

2- Switch off unnecessary lights.

3- Turn off the appliances after use.

4- Do not stand with the refrigerator door open.

5- Make use of the natural light and keep lights off during day time.

6-Do not keep the computer on when it’s not being used.

7- Unplug electrical and electronic devices when not in use, some of these devices still use up electricity even if switched if they are still connected to a live electrical socket.

8- Adjust your thermostat a few degrees lower or higher, the slight adjustment helps lower energy consumption of your airconditioner/heater.

© 2011 Moira Garcia Gallaga


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    • moiragallaga profile image

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      It's a win-win situation Robin. Thank you for your comment.

    • Robin Oatley profile image

      Robin Oatley 6 years ago

      Great hub, everyone should teach their children to be careful with the environment! And besides that, it saves a lot of money too.