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Saving Money by Caring for Your Own Lawn

Updated on May 8, 2012

With the economy the way it is, more people are living on a tighter budget than they have been accustomed to in the past. With less disposable income, cuts must be made somewhere. People just don’t have extra money to spend on every little thing. One cut that is often made is on the lawn care.

Whether you have always cared for your lawn or you have had it professionally done, this is one of the first things to get cut. The lawn is something that can be taken care of relatively simply by just mowing. Most people can do that easily on their own, so they can handle getting rid of their lawn company to save costs. There is no need to pay someone to spray for weeds; you can just deal with the dandelions and other bothers for the year. They may even mow it less frequently in order to save some time and money, with the gas.

Besides just mowing, there are other items that go along with the appearance of your yard. There may be trees, bushes, and flowers that need taken care of. The trees and bushes may not get trimmed because you cannot afford to pay someone to do it. With the flowers, you might not even plant any because there isn’t the extra money to spend on them. You figure your yard can go without for a year or so. And mulch is one more expense that can be cut out. Even though the mulch will really help to set off the yard and make the landscape pop, the cost of it is just too much with the hard economic times.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Have you been forced to cut back on your lawn care because of money? A lot of people are vain and care about appearance, so it’s very difficult to let us see the appearance of our yard diminish. However, if we put a little bit of time into our lawns, we can essentially care for them and keep them looking nice without much cost. Keeping a lawn and flower beds looking nice can be done relatively easily by anyone because it is not complicated or skilled work.

Keeping your lawn mowed is simple. Even if there are weeds in it, if you mow often enough, the weeds will not shoot up way above the grass. If you bag the grass or rake it up after it’s cut, your lawn will look much sharper as well. Using a weed-whacker to trim around things also helps for a nice clean look.

While trimming your trees may be too large of a product for many home-owners, trimming bushes is relatively easy. Over-grown bushes can look sloppy, so they can just be cut back to a nice shape. This can be done with hand trimmers or by electric or gas trimmers.

Even if you don’t have the money to spend on mulch or new flowers, you can make your beds look better. Simply trimming the bushes, like mentioned previously, will help. Weeding is one of the biggest keys to improving the look of a bed. It is very tedious work, but if the weeds are pulled from a bed, it will much improve the appearance. The last little trick that doesn’t cost any money is putting a nice, clean edge on the bed. Simply take a shovel and edge the bed. This shows the division between the lawn and bed; it helps to cut back the grass growing in the edge of the bed as well.

A lot of people may have never done this sort of work before. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it will just take a little time to learn what you are doing. Luckily, we are in a technology riddled age, and there are may “how to” videos that can be found online. Instead of spending the money to have someone do it for us, the economic situation is forcing people to put the work into it on their own. You are more than capable of caring for your lawn on your own and without much of a cost. Now, you just have to put the effort in.


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    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 5 years ago from Ohio

      @teaches - It's amazing how much a clean edge can spruce up a place.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      This will definitely give you a nice new lawn look and with minimal effort and cost. I think edging is one of the best ways to give something a quick, clean look -- framed within an area. Good write up and voted up.

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 5 years ago from Ohio

      @ali - Thanks. I would much rather do my own work than pay for it. It's much more satisfying.

    • alipuckett profile image

      alipuckett 5 years ago

      Good ideas! A little elbow grease will go a long way! :)

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 5 years ago from Ohio

      @wjames - I wish. No this isn't mine.

    • wjames profile image

      wjames 5 years ago

      Is this your lawn? Looks pretty neat.