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Saving Space With Home Accessories

Updated on December 3, 2017

Homes come in many sizes. Those that have particularly large homes have the luxury of trying to figure out how to fill them, but those with smaller homes are often stuck trying to figure out how to keep all of their possessions from falling out of the closets. One of the hardest areas to keep organized is the living room, with various forms of media competing for space with furniture, and major appliances often take up so much room that sitting in the space is uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some basic purchases (CD rack, LCD wall mount) that can help keep the room useful for the owner.


Most, at one point or another, have owned a CD rack. It is a great way to keep discs in one place, generally organized and off of the floor. However, CD racks can also be quite useful for holding a number of different forms of media. DVDs, for example, are often quite easy to fit on most racks, as are Blu-Ray discs. Rather than piling the movies or music underneath a chair or on top of a table, why not allow yourself the organizing room of a dedicated CD rack? Best of all, most of these racks tend to be rather space efficient, rarely interfering with any other furniture in the room.

The advent of the LCD flat screen television has been a great space saver for many. Taking up far less room than the typical model, one can fit what was once considered a “big screen” television in to a relatively small space. However, many still struggle with the room necessary for a television stand. Thankfully, an LCD wall mount can allow even the most space strapped to place a large television in their family room. Purchasing the proper brackets is usually quite the inexpensive proposition, and the entire amount of space taken in a room can be reduced to mere inches.

Organizing your room can help you to make the most of very limited space. Keeping media off of tables and televisions on the wall can help to reduce space used and keep the entire area looking more clean. One cannot easily change the amount of space in one’s home, but using proper organizational procedures can help to make that space look quite a bit larger. Consider these small fixes next time your home feels a bit too small, and you may be quite surprised.

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