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Saving money with Pur Faucet Water Filter

Updated on May 12, 2011

Summer is nearing again.  That means outdoors, long days, and hot weather.  Living in Southern California, or anywhere for that matter, I'm always leary of getting dehydrated when I'm out and about.  A few years ago, when money was not as big of a concern, I'd always have a case or two of bottled water handy.  But just like everyone else, I've been watching my money for the past recent years.  And paying for bottled water is just not smart.

Instead, I bought a rather inexpensive water filter that I've been using for at least two years now.  I installed the PUR Faucet Water Filter on my kitchen faucet two years ago and thought that it's one of the "best bang for the buck" items out there.  I believe my cost was $30 or so at a local Wal Mart.

It's the PUR 2 water filter with 2-stage filtration.  It is still going strong.  All I do is replace the filter every 2 months costing me about $20 for a pack of two.  Compare that to a case of Arrowhead bottled water that can cost me more than $10 per case.  I can easily go through a case of bottled water in less than a week.  So I'm saving a lot of money by just drinking filtered water.

At the moment, I'm considering upgrading from PUR 2 to PUR 3 for the 3-stage water filtration.  There's really no reason to do so because the PUR 2 still works.  It's a decision that I don't have to make right now.


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