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Scarecrow Sprinkler and Accessories

Updated on January 9, 2013

Deter destructive behavior of local pets and wildlife from outside areas, such as a flowerbed, vegetable patch or pond area with an innovative and humane Scarecrow motion activated sprinkler.

A lot of time and effect can go into maintaining a garden in tip-top condition, so its natural that a homeowner wishes to keep it pest free and to avoid potential destruction as result of a rabbit or deer foraging for snacks or a dog digging a lawn area.        

These nifty devices manufactured by Contech Inc. feature a motion sensor sprinkler that's able to detect the heat and movement of a cat or dog to a fox, raccoon or deer. It’s designed to trigger as these animals approach, resulting in a short burst of water fired in there general direction. That short burst of unexpected activity scares unwanted guests, and hopeful won't be as inclined to return anytime soon.

Features of these startling sprinklers include - a Scarecrow motion sprinkler is able to operate all day and night, with no unsightly barriers on show, or a need to used harsh or dangerous chemicals or complicated traps, so ideal in all situations. Water usage isn't too demanding, as only 2 to 3 cups of water would be fired on each burst of water, with each blast lasting three seconds. And runs from four to six months on a single 9-volt battery supply.

In tackling multiple pests, an option is there to connect-up several scarecrow's to create an effective water shield. Ideal in a larger garden or where there seems to be a constant pest to deter. All built in a lightweight plastic shaft, with a metal sprinkler head for simple DIY installation.

Contech Inc. also manufactures a complete line-up of other garden accessories, such a CatStop - SlugsAway - SquirrelStop - Wasp Trap - Window Fly Trap - Outdoor Fly Trap - Fruit Fly Trap - and Pantry Moth Trap. The CapStop for example is ideal for deterring a smaller animal, such as cats from a patio or porch area - able to detect up to 3 feet, at which time it will emit a sound & compressed air combination for an odorless and harmless deterrent. View the website for full details on all these products.

If in need of a quick and cost-effective tool for clearing dogs, cats, foxes or any such animal that might appear in a garden than look no further than one of these Scarecrow sprinkler systems. A truly effective deterrent to scare off unwanted pets and wildlife, all in all a perfect solution for keeping a garden at its best. 


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