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Scented Candles And Fragrance Diffusers - The Key To A Sweet Smelling Home

Updated on September 11, 2010

Scented Candle Or Reed Diffuser - The Choice Is Yours!

Home Fragrances Are Now Available In A Range Of Different Forms To Suit Your Needs

Scented candles and scented reed diffusers provide a means of making your living space smell divine, allowing you to take it easy or even have a bath breathing in beautifully scented, relaxing air. For the sake of clarification, a reed oil diffuser is not one that diffuses reed oil, but rather a diffuser that is made from reeds that enable scented oil to evaporate from them after being absorbed by the effect of capillary action.

The Greeks, and also the Romans and Egyptians knew that plants, tree bark and other botanicals could provide beautiful fragrances when they were heated to a certain temperature, but not quite high enough to make them burn.

They were also aware that certain plants produced specific reactions or effects in those who breathed the scented air. For example lavender evoked a feeling of calm and relaxation while chamomile was recognized for it’s soothing properties. In essencet, they had discovered aromatherapy which is believed to be at least partially responsible for the therapeutic benefits of scented candles and reed oil diffusers.

Most people are aware of the benefits of aromatherapy, and even more of how better they feel when their bath is scented with a wonderful perfume before they go to bed refreshed and smelling great. These benefits are not just restricted to bath oils or perfumes, but even the air that you breathe can be scented by use of scented candles and reed oil diffusers.

Scented candles are made from wax and other wax-like substances such as stearine or stearic acid. The essential oils that are used to perfume them are soluble in molten waxes, and so can be combined with the wax mixture prior to them being poured into candle moulds. When the candle is burned the wax melts and the aroma of the essential oil, now in its liquid state, is released. These can be very concentrated oils and so it takes only a little in the air to give a wonderful smell, characteristic of the plant from it has been derived.

Reed diffusers, on the other hand, use a liquid form of the oil dissolved in a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil. The reeds are placed into a small vase or jug with the bottom immersed in then oil. The oil is carried up the reeds by capillary action and as the volatile essential oil evaporates, its aroma is released into the room. No heat is involved, and so reed oil diffusers offer the advantage of scented candles in there is no flame, and hence no fire hazard if left working overnight or when nobody is at home.

Many people use candles during the evening when they are in a room, generally in a lounge or even in a hallway, while reed diffusers, because they need no flame to operate, can be left while the homeowners are at work.

Each has its own specific uses, and both are available in a wide range of aromas. It is important to understand that the essential oils used in scented candles are not actually burned as such, but that the aroma comes from the hot melted wax that has the oil dissolved within it. The oils are very volatile and also highly combustible, so yes, when the wax burns at the tip of the wick so does the essential oil, but that is not where the bulk of the scent comes from. That is emitted from the evaporating oil in the pool of wax below the wick, and in the wick itself.

In that respect, the candle and diffuser operate in the same way, whether the diffuser is a reed diffuser, an electrical diffuser heating a bath of oil or a candle burning below a bath of oil. In that respect the scented candle is also a diffuser, whereby the oil is evaporated from the pool of melted wax below the wick in the same as it is from any other heat source.

So scented candles and reed diffusers operate by means of intrinsically the same science, but to most people they are no more than different aromatic solutions to a sweet-smelling home. Try them yourself and you find yourself looking forward to bath-time even more than now, and that you can breathe all your cares away by burning a scented candle when you return home after a hard day at the office.


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