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Scented Soy Wax Candles - The Discerning Choice

Updated on September 8, 2010

Soy Wax Candles Increase In Popularity

As more and more people are choosing home fragrances and, in particular, scented candles for their home, soy wax candles have become the candle of choice for discerning homeowners, replacing traditional candles which tend to be paraffin based. As the name suggests, soy wax candles are derived from the ubiquitous soya bean. So how exactly do you obtain wax from a soya bean and what is it about soy wax that makes it the best choice for home fragrances?

Well, soy wax is actually created out of hydrogenated soya bean oil. This may sound a little strange, but it is more or less the same process which is used to convert seed and plant oils into everyday products such as food spreads and butter substitutes.

Available since the early 1990's, scented soy candles can now be found in a bewildering range of shapes, sizes and fragrances. If you use candles on a regular basis and are considering soy wax candles for the first time, then there are several compelling reasons why soy wax candles make the ideal choice for your home.

Firstly, there is the small matter of cost. Let’s be honest, we are all swayed to some degree by budget and the good news is that scented soy wax candles tend to cost less than the traditional alternatives, so as a result you you can afford to indulge your scented candle habit more often with soy candles!

Nowadays, we are increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and soy wax candles are certainly the eco-friendly choice. Traditional candles are made from paraffin wax, which in turn is derived from crude oil, a major contributor to global warming.

Not surprisingly, soy wax candles burn more cleanly than those made from paraffin wax but also, because they are manufactured from a renewable product, namely the humble soya bean, you can take comfort knowing that burning your scented candles is not contributing to damaging the environment.

Not only do they tend to be less expensive in the first place, soy candles also burn for a longer time than paraffin alternatives, making them more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts in the long run.

That is all very well and good, but the primary reason most people buy scented candles is to fill their homes with beautiful aromas. And here again, soy wax candles come up trumps. Scented soy candles are more effective at diffusing their fragrance through your living space than traditional alternatives and, because they burn more evenly and cleanly than paraffin wax candles, emitting much less soot, they are the perfect choice where indoor air quality is an issue for you and your family.

So, to recap, soy wax candles offer better value for money than their traditional counterparts, they are the environmentally sound choice and, from a purely practical point of view, they will get the job done of fragrancing your home more speedily and effectively than traditional candles – could you ask for anything more?

From Soya Bean To Candle!

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