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Scooba 390 Versus Scooba 450 - Which Should You Go For?

Updated on July 29, 2014

iRobot Scooba 390 Versus Scooba 450 Specficaitions

Scooba 390
Scooba 450
14.8" x 3.6"
14.4" x 3.6"
8.6 lbs
8.3 lbs
Cleaning Operation
Sweep, Wash, Scrub, Squeegee
Sweep, Scrub, Squeegee
Clean Water Management
Navigation System
iAdapt Responsive
iAdapt Responsive
Run Time
Up to 50 minutes
Up to 40 mins
Sweep Coverage
425 ft
300 ft
Mop Coverage
150 ft
150 ft
Virtual Wall
Verbal Cues
Hard Floor Type
Cleaning Options
A comparison table detailing the differences between the iRobot Scooba 390 and Scooba 450 cleaning robots.

What's the Difference Between the iRobot Scooba 390 and 450?

Are you wondering which is the better investment to make the iRobot Scooba 390 or Scooba 450 as well as exactly what the differences are to be had between the two models? If so, you have come to the right comparison guide, we will provide you with a feature by feature breakdown analysis, so you know exactly what both the Scooba 390 and Scooba 450 have to offer you.

In the comparison table on your right, you can see the main differences to be had between the two cleaning robots -- and you're right -- they are very similar, however as we will detail soon there are some important differences (and updates) between the Scooba 390 and 450 models.

So the immediate difference to note is that the 450 model is $100 more expensive than the 390. Hence, the question becomes not which is the better model, but whether for an extra 100 bucks does the 450 offer enough 'over' the 390 for it become worth it and this is the question we are going to explore throughout the rest of the comparison between the two iRobot mopping bots.


So obviously they are a rather similar model, both take on a circular shape, although the Scooba 450 model is slightly smaller as well as a bit lighter than the older Scooba 390 model. There is a slight difference in design finish as well, but mainly speaking they are both still black and no real significant difference to note in this regard.

Find Out About Scooba 450's Cleaning Options

Navigation System

You will also note that they both use the same GPS like system to find and perform the most efficient cleaning path given the room they are in (where they will avoid obstacles). However, as you would expect the Scooba 450 model has a more updated version and can be considered essentially more intelligent than the older 390 model.

Cleaning Performance

Now this is where the real difference between the two iRobot Scooba robots occurs.

Scooba 390

The original 390 model uses a four stage process as detailed in the comparison table above. Firstly, it goes to prep the floor that it is about to clean (through sweeping and removing bits of dirt, dust like you would normally) then will start to wash the floor on a second pass with a natural enzyme formula.

The third stage involves a thorough washing, described as the scrubbing phase to remove tough dirt and stains and finally the squeegee phase to soak up the dirty water from your floors -- "leaving it 98% bacteria and grime free" by the time it is finished. You will also note that it has a clean water management system that basically describes two containers of fresh water (that it disperses & cleans with on to the floor) and old water (that is removed via the squeegee).

Scooba 450

Now the 450 uses a very similar process, however is just far better at it (cleaning 99.93% of bacteria, which is actually a lot more than the difference makes out, with regards to a healthy home). It will sweep the debris away and go about pre soaking all in the same pass (but does it more frequently) and then will scrub and squeegee water away, apart from every aspect in that process has been upgraded to be "three times better than ever before" also the Scooba 450 makes the whole process virtually maintenance free. All you gotta do is fill the solution tank, place it in the room and press the clean button.

Virtual Walls & Verbal Cues

If you are unsure what these are (they come with many of the Roobma vacuums e.g. see the latest Roomba 870 Vs 880 compared) they basically allow you to set the moppers to clean within a restricted area without any physical barrier there (both the Scooba 390 and 450 come with one). Pretty cool really. The Scooba 450 also comes with verbal cues that let you know how to use the scooba basically.

Which to Buy the Scooba 390 or 450?

Now there is no doubt that they are pretty expensive, but on the plus side they are saving you a lot of time and producing great results (so could work out to be worth it in the end, especially if you value your time much higher somewhere else) -- but the point being is that if you are willing to spend 500 bucks on a washing robot, you might as well get the best in the business (that's three times better) for just an extra $100, being the Scooba 450. But, which will you get and why?

Scooba 390 or Scooba 450?

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