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Scratch and Dent Washing Machines

Updated on February 17, 2012

If you are looking to buy a cheap washing machine but do not want to compromise on the brand or quality then you have a couple of options. The best however, is to visit a scratch and dent washing machines store where you can find new laundry appliances with slight cosmetic damage at big discounts over the original price. If you know what you are looking for, then you can save a lot of money by shopping here or at one of their online retail outlets.

How To Buy A Scratch and Dent Washing Machine

Buying a slightly dented washing machine or one with a scratch or other small piece of cosmetic damage or wear is a smart choice when it comes to saving money. You do however, have to make an informed decision when buying one of these as its easy to get sucked in by the price at the expense of buying what you really want.

Read Reviews and Get What You Want, Not What's Cheapest

Yes, so the whole idea of hitting all the scratch and dent washing machine stores is to find the cheapest washer money can buy and to stretch your dollars further but this shouldn't come at the expense of finding the machine you want.

Be sure to do the same amount of research in buying a lightly dinged laundry appliance as you would if you were buying a new one. You want to look at product reviews, consumer reports and all the other usual suspects where you'll find out which are the best appliances at the lowest prices. A great place to look is at which not only has loads of reviews from real users (and not paid reviewers who got to test the product a couple of times) but also often has some great discounts all year round on brand new appliances.

Make Sure The Damage Is Acceptable To You

The level of scratches or dents varies greatly from one appliances to another. There is a big difference between a minor dent or paint chip on the side compared with a 6 inch scratch to the front which will be in plain view to you and anyone else who sees it. Even if the price is right, you will have to weigh whether you want to buy a clothes washer with visible damage when you could probably find another of a comparable price with defects you can cover up and hide.

Most people who shop for scratch and dent washers look for one with damage to a side which you can then hide by positioning it against a wall or by pushing another appliance up against it so that damage will never be seen. This kind of defect is perfect as you get all the benefts of the discount price but no one would ever know why.

Get A Good Scratch and Dent Washer Warrantee

Yes, you still want to make sure you get a decent warrantee when you buy one of these discount washing machines from a scratch and dent store. You need to make sure there is nothing else wrong with the machine before you buy it and the best way to protect yourself is to ensure you have some kind of warrantee or find out if there is a store return policy if your appliance has issues.

You will need to find out what happens if the machine breaks down, if parts are hard to find and whether there are service technicians who can perform the work in the area especially if you are looking at a brand which is less well known.

Not All Defects Are Visible or Obvious

It is easy to overlook some of the less obvious damage to scratch and dent washing machines when you've been looking over a whole bunch in the store. Make sure you get the sales associate to show you all the product defects as there might be some you are not aware of which are actually much more major than the problems you see on the outside.

A discount washing machine with scratches here or a dent there is acceptable but what you do not want is missing components or other issues which might affect its operation. Even something simple like a missing vent cover might cost you a lot more than you think to get it replaced.

Scratch & Dent Washing Machine Alternatives

If you have the time, then there is always the option to wait for a decent washing machine sale at Best Buy, Sears or any other local appliance retailer in your area. These local sales will often have overstock clothes washers, older models and generally products they want rid of at lower than normal prices and sometimes you can find deals which are as good or even better than finding a cosmetically damaged product.

Black Friday washing machine deals are also something to look out for and not just in your local area either as a number of online etailers are also doing some great things each year and it beats standing around in the cold at 4am in the morning. You might find a great deal here if you happen to be in the market for a new appliance at this time of the year or can hold out long enough before you replace your old model. Amazon has been known to price match a lot of the big deals around that time of year too and other lesser known stores both online and off might not sell out as fast as those big traditional retailers either so you can more easily avoid disappointment.

Second hand washing machines are another alternative, although you really need to know what you are looking for especially since these are not all that easy to test out in a person's home as other used products are. For example, you can definitely walk into someone's house and try out their second hand treadmill without an issue but asking to run a full laundry cycle so you can check out the spin cycle etc. is a little less likely to be met with anything other than you being shown the door.

Refurbished washing machines sold by retail outlets, on the other hand, are a better alternative if you decide to buy a used product. These should have been checked over and fully tested, with the major components cleaned up or replaced if excessively worn so you are getting something with a little more of a guarantee to work as you expect. In addition, sellers of used washers and dryers typically offer some kind of warrantee which gives you a little extra peace of mind that if all is not as expected, you can at least have them pay for the repairs or take the appliance back.


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