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Does Scrub Daddy Work?

Updated on July 4, 2015

Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy is one of the best cleaning solutions ever!
Scrub Daddy is one of the best cleaning solutions ever!

You will never want to use another Sponge again!

The Scrub Daddy isn't a sponge but works better then one! It remains odorless and claims to clean your dishes easier then ever before. Does it really work well? This little yellow smiley face will make sure your dishes are cleaner faster and easier then ever. I have one of these and I was very skeptical about it working. It does in fact do everything it claims to do. This polymer gets hard in cold water and soft in hot water just like it said it would. The polymer cleans plates with very little effort at all. Its great for spoons, forks, and knifes too! Just simply use the mouth to clean eating utensils quick and easy. It also gets inside cups with its chiseled exterior and the eye sockets are great to keep hold of this little guy. This is the best hand cleaning tool you could ever hope for! Its even guaranteed to not scratch or be abrasive to surfaces of plates, cups, and other dishware. They last around 2-4 months of daily use and really make doing dishes easy.

Scrub Daddy's Inventor

Scrub Daddy's Creator

Aaron Krause


Scrub Daddy was invented by this father of two. Scrub Daddy's rise to fame was being on ABC's Shark Tank. Shark Tank is a show were inventors look for investors who if they like the product endorse, support, and help market the product to be successful. It was from this that Scrub Daddy was introduced into Bed, Bath, and Beyond and has had showtime on the home shopping channel QVC.

Im a Large Fan of This Product

Normally anything that has to do with cleaning annoys me as a young adult male. I never like cleaning anything from my room to dishes but when I do have to clean dishes I use Scrub Daddy. I worked at places where cleaning dishes every night was part of my duty and I brought in my own Scrub Daddy for work because the green scrubbers they have are useless. I have used scrubbers and sponges and many other cleaning cloths and nothing comes close to this! I literally used one of these for an entire year before it started falling apart. I highly suggest one of these to help make your life easier!

Scrub Daddy Scratch Free Cleaning Tool
Scrub Daddy Scratch Free Cleaning Tool

One of these is all you'll ever need to keep the dirtiest of pans and dishes clean!


Scrub Daddy Quick Facts

  • Gets Hard in cold water, Soft in hot water
  • Has eye holes to hold onto to always have a good grip
  • Chiseled Edges for cleaning inside cups and mugs
  • Mouth slot for Forks, Spoons, and Knifes
  • Stays odorless
  • Won't Scratch Surfaces
  • Lasts 2-4 months

I worked at places where cleaning dishes every night was part of my duty and I brought in my own Scrub Daddy for work because the green scrubbers they have are useless.

— thranax

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Other Uses for a Scrub Daddy

While this product is designed for use on dishes and pans it also has many other uses. I have actually used a scrub daddy to wash the rims on my car. I have also used it as a cleaner for my bathroom sinks and tiles. It works great in these places too...I have also used a hot water bucket to clean my computer table. I expected the scrub daddy to scratch the finish on my wood table but with warm water it was as soft and didnt damage the table at all - it actually made it cleaner then it has been in years!

New Fun Options!

Everyone is a little different and everyone likes style and a little pop in their daily lives. Scrub Daddy now comes in different colors! Some are green, others blue, and of course the famous yellow that made it all happen! Not only do the impressive little scrubbers come in colors, but they also are offered in Heavy Duty sizes for jobs that just require more cleaning power. I have to say, colored or larger the product always holds the same quality is has since the start of the line. I'm so happy that these innovations haven't lead to compromises in the performance of the product. Sometimes different sizes and added colorings have adverse effects on things that make them not as good as the original. Alas, like a true product of its word it held up in all forms like any product should!

#ScrubDaddy Heavy Duty!

Scrub Daddy Heavy Duty Sponge
Scrub Daddy Heavy Duty Sponge

The Heavy Duty Scrub Daddy is great for tough around the home jobs such as cleaning tubs, BBQs, lawn hoses, railings, and mailboxes! It works well on pans and around the kitchen as well. =)


Does Scrub Daddy actually work?

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    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 2 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Well, if this works as good as you have indicated, I'm there. I've given up on finding sponges/cloths that do not do the job well, or collect bacteria so that you have to disinfect them, regularly. Thank you for this helpful info.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 22 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      ah, i wish this daddy scrub is sold in the DIY shop here

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