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Popular Bedroom Summer Decoration Using Astrology and Art

Updated on January 10, 2015


July derives its name from Julius Caesar. That's the guy who "was ambitious." Although he paid for his ambition with his life -- if Shakespeare got it right -- he left many relics to remind us about himself: memoirs, some fascinating history pages and the second month of summer. Caesar was a military man, a politician and a writer. He was "the Renaissance man" of Rome, long before Renaissance emerged to commemorate that very city.

But most of all Caesar was a man of will power and enormous energy, who could withstand harsh physical conditions and even harsher emotional stress. It's difficult to think of a modern equivalent -- maybe that's the reason we are so intrigued by him till this day. By putting a Caesar bust in your study you declare your role model, and reveal you own ambitions. And watch out for the Brutuses out there.


The second zodiac sign of July is Leo (we talked about Cancer in June). According to astrology, people who were born under that sign want to lead and give out orders, just as lions rule (or think they rule) the other animals. I admit that lions are not my favorite predators. They seem too lazy and self-important and they will kill the offspring of another lion. That, however, doesn't necessarily refer to the people. Too often we encounter a situation when there are many followers eager to carry out orders but no one bold enough and confident enough to give them out. That's when the lions awake from their slumber -- usually in a critical event -- and take charge. It takes some lion guts to hang a lion in your bedroom, but if it's there, it usually occupies its rightful place.

The Rouen Cathedral

Claude Monet was brave enough to attempt something no one has ever done before him, though he was too solitary to fit the lion profile (he was a Scorpio). The illustrious impressionist created a series of painting on the Rouen Cathedral, which stands in the city of Rouen , in France. It is a magnificent building and an architectural wonder that enthralled the artist, who rented a room in front of the cathedral to be able to paint it in different times of day. His sunlit renderings mesmerize by the overall summer effect and the atmosphere. The air weaves the stone, which appears suddenly, as if from behind an invisible curtain -- like a fata morgana.

Monet's Paintings of the Rouen Cathedral


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