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Seattle homes

Updated on September 3, 2012

Why buying a home or property in Seattle is a good idea

Seattle is one of the most popular cities to buy a home in the United States, it has a long history that goes back thousands of years, it was one of the first cities founded in the US and along with its rich city it is a beautiful place to live.

Seattle is known for its parks. Its biggest is Lincoln Park which is 130 acres in size and is breathtaking. It also has many facilities including a swimming pool and picnic areas. Jefferson Park is 50 acres and includes a golf course. Seattle is known for its greenery and is a lovely family friendly place to live.

It boasts the Pike Place Market the oldest continually operating farmers' market in the United States. A great place to get fresh produce and watch the world go by.

The Space needle was built for the 1962 Worlds fair and is an excellent place to go up in the elevator and look at the city, its also a great way to look for nice places to live!

There are plenty of arts centres in Seattle, the Benaroya Hall is where the Seattle Symphony Opera perform. You can also go to the McCaw Hall to watch the Ballet. There are also other opera houses and theatres scattered through the city.

There are many museums to visit. The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is very popular and has a large Native American Exhibit.

Seattle has plenty to offer anyone wanting to move here, you can enjoy city life and live in the Suburbs. There is plenty of healthy activity, arts and culture to enjoy and is excellent for anyone who likes to go out and socialise.

There are plenty of Seattle Luxury Homes available if you want to enjoy Seattle, some of the most beautiful places to live are on the waterfront. So if you are thinking about Seattle Real Estate then you have plenty of options to buy the perfect home and enjoy everything that Seattle has to offer.

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