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Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Updated on June 14, 2010

Sebo is a German company that has been making high quality vacuum cleaners for more than three decades.  Sebo machines are some of the best vacuum cleaners available for the home and office today.  Originally made for commercial purposes, Sebo vacuum cleaners have since been introduced to the consumer market so that everyone can enjoy Sebo quality.  They have machines is two styles, upright and canister.  Whichever style meets your needs, you can find a Sebo vacuum cleaner that will keep your carpets looking great.  One of the best features of Sebo vacuums is that they come with a three year warranty on all non-moving parts.  That kind of service and quality are hard to come by now a days.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Features

All Sebo vacuums are equipped with a three step filtration system that sets them apart from other vacuums.  The three step process begins with a three layer vacuum bag that collects the majority of debris in your carpets.  A hospital grade micro filter catches whatever is not caught by the bag.  This step can be exchange for a charcoal filter if you are looking to eliminate odors as well as vacuum debris.  The third step is a micro exhaust filter.  By traveling through this system all debris down to three microns is eliminated.  Another nice feature is that the exhaust is dispersed around the entire canister to cut down on noise.  Sebo vacuum cleaners run more quietly than other vacuum cleaners.

Another nice feature is the automatic shutdown for clogs or blockages.  When you run a normal vacuum cleaner and something clogs the airway or blocks the entrance to the bag, loud noises and terrible sounds usually come from the vacuum cleaner as it continues to try and run despite the blockage.  Sebo vacuums shut down as soon as there is any kind of blockage or clog.  This saves on the wear and tear of the machine and allows you to eliminate clogs before they get too far into the system.  Finally, all Sebos comes with Sebo vacuum cleaner attachments to make cleaning of upholstery and curtains possible as well.  These attachments work best with the canister variety of machine.

Canister Features

One of the varieties of Sebo carpet vacuums is a canister machine.  Several features on the Sebo canister vacuum make it special.  First, the wheels on the canister are rubber coated and allow for 360-degree rotation.  That means that you can move around a room with the vacuum easily and you do not have to worry about moving the canister separately.  It will rotate and roll as needed.  In addition, Sebo vacuum cleaner bags for canister machines area full sized rather than smaller as many canister machines use.  The canisters feature a cord over twenty feet long that retracts easily with a touch of a button.  No more wrapping up the cord when you are done, just push the button with your foot and the cord disappears.  Finally, the Sebo canister vacuum cleaners have a quick release on the brush head so that you can easily change the head from one meant for carpet use to one meant for hard floor surfaces.

Upright Features

Sebo upright vacuum cleaners also have a few features that make them unique.  I am sure that everyone has been suing a vacuum and wished that it would fold down a little further so that you could reach under a table.  Well, the Sebo upright vacuum cleaner will fold down a full ninety degrees so that it is parallel to the ground.  This allows the user to reach further under furniture than they can with any other upright vacuum cleaner.  Another helpful feature of the Sebo upright machines is that they have an automatic function that will change from carpet settings to hard floor settings by measuring the distance from the brush head to the ground.  This means you can clean your entire floor surface without having to change heads or machines.  Finally, upright Sebo vacuums have longer cords so that you can clean larger areas before having to switch outlets.

Other Sebo Products

Sebo also sells a dry carpet shampoo to keep your carpets fresh, remove stains, and protect your carpets from new stains. If you vacuum and use Sebo carpet cleaner regularly you might not need other carpet shampoo machines that use wet carpet shampoos. Just sprinkle the dry carpet shampoo on your carpet and wait for twenty to thirty minutes. You can work the carpet cleaner into the fibers with a brush if there are particularly bad stains. Then, after you have allowed the carpet shampoo to work its way deep into the carpet, you vacuum away the shampoo and any dirt it happened to attract. The carpet shampoo also leaves behind some protection against future stains. Use regularly to keep your carpet looking brand new.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Review


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