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Second Chance Apartments: Why apartments have stricter qualifications for people with credit issues

Updated on December 7, 2013

Do you need second chance leasing?

Here is a list of items that could qualify you for needing second chance help:

  • Low Credit Score
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • Broken Lease
  • Eviction
  • No Rental History
  • Late Payments

If you have any of the items listed above, you have come to the right place.


There was a time that apartments would not work with a rental prospect if they owed another apartment community. They stuck together to make sure their fellow properties were taken care of.

Things have changed within the last decade. There are now second chance apartment communities that will work with your needs. When I began working as an apartment locator, apartments were not renting to people with second chance needs or credit issues. The change in our economic environment caused an increase in layoffs and decrease in salary. This resulted in people having credit issues. Because of this, apartment communities now look at housing debts (broken leases, evictions and cleaning fees), your current rental history and income stability when they are working to qualify you for approval. Most of the time it is the management company that gives the criteria of what the property can work with, not the apartment community itself.

High Deposit

There are properties that ask for double deposits or high deposits, such as 1 to 2 months rent paid up front. They collect a higher deposit from you so you will be more conscious to pay your rent even if something happens as in loss of job or extra unexpected bills. The extra deposit would also go towards the cost of renovation for your vacant apartment since they are not getting the typical 30 to 60 day move out notice.

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Rental History

Apartments may require you to have rental history since your housing debt. You are a good prospect to the apartment community if you have job stability and have had rental history since your housing debt.

Why Apartment Communities Require More from Me

These apartment communities are successful leasing to people with second chance needs because they look for people who want to seriously improve their situation and will do what is needed to improve their credit.

There are people that take advantage of the opportunity to move into properties that allow recent housing debts. They skip from apartment to apartment and ruin it for the people that lose their job, and actually need a second chance.

As an apartment locator I want to find out where you are in your life and help you find the perfect opportunity that works for you.

I pride myself on being honest and working well with people. I love helping people get back on their feet when they need it. I would hope that if or when I was in that place, someone would care enough to help me.


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