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Second Hand Tumble Dryers - Used Electric Clothes Dryer 2nd User

Updated on August 17, 2014

An electric tumble dryer is a necessity to some and a luxury for others. However, once you have had the luxury of owning one of these machines it is difficult to return to the old ways of hang drying clothing on a clothes line or on an indoor clothes drying rack even if it is the cheaper more eco-friendly option.

There is rarely a good time for your spin dryer to break down especially since they are not cheap to replace and most people do not budget for such an eventuality. You can however save some money by looking into some of the alternative to buying a brand new electric clothes dryer.

Second hand tumble dryers are one such alternative and, so long as you are careful, can save you up to 70% and more over the cost of buying the same appliance new from an appliance retailer.

There are a two main types of used clothes dryer to choose between, and that is opting for either a second hand tumble dryer for sale by owner or choosing a refurbished model sold by a retail store. Both have their pros and cons and which you choose will depend upon you as much as anything else.

Refurbished tumble dryers are the safer bet in many cases as you are looking at a machine which has been put through a refurbishing process to replace poorly functioning parts and clean up everything else to bring it back to close to new condition. Refurbished clothes dryer machines are more often than not, sold by refurbished appliance retailers how specialize in reselling reconditioned appliances. They are a cheap alternative to buying new but without taking on all the risk of buying a preowned clothes dryer from a private seller. These machines should come with a warrantee lasting anywhere from 3 months up to a year in some cases.

Second hand tumble dryers for sale by owner in a local newspaper, on craigslist or otherwise advertised by a private seller are bought on a somewhat more risky basis but the savings can be significantly better than buying a refurb. You are unlikely to get any real kind of guarantee with the machine, although you can ask for a written warrantee for a couple of months if you are brave enough.

There are many reasons why a used clothes dryer might be the best option for you. If you intend to buy a washer or dryer (or combination machine) which you are intending to keep and use in your own home for the next 10 years then you should probably buy a new one as the investment is worth it. On the other hand, if you are renting short term, are away at college, or are otherwise short of funds or just looking for a temporary solution to fill the gap between buying the one you want later down the line, then a second hand spin dryer is a much better option.

There are equally many reasons why people offer their used tumble driers for sale and it’s the reason why you can pick up a barely used dryer for a great price. They may be going through a divorce and splitting up assets, or they may have moved into a new home which came fully furnished with the old owner’s appliances which they do not need, or they may be moving house and downsizing to where they have no room for a big machine…and so on. All those reasons mean you can pick up an almost new dryer at a massive discount if you look around.

Where do you look to find second hand tumble dryers? Well, in the offline world you can check out places like Craigslist or your local classified ads section of a local newspaper. Or you can look at a site like which is a place where people offer their unwanted stuff for you to take for free. Oftentimes, you will find people who need to move in a hurry or do not want to deal with the hassle of selling an item and they’ll give it away for free just to get it off their hands. You can’t beat a free one on price!

Finding a previously owned spin dryer for sale locally is great because it means you get the opportunity to check it for defects yourself rather than relying upon the description in an online ad. What do you look for to tell whether a used clothing dryer is a good deal or is going to be more trouble than it is worth?

Well, you’re probably not an expert so you have to look for the obvious things. You will want to hear it running so make sure the person who is selling it is able to hook it up so you can see it in operation. You will want to listen for excessive squeaking or knocking noises, both of which point out problems with the mechanism somewhere which may be fine for now but indicate something is wearing out. Also check for warm air leaks around the door as this can indicate a poorly fitting door or bad seals. Additionally, you want to feel carefully around inside the drum to make sure there are no sharp edges caused by misuse which can tear your clothes.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions either. You want to know how old the appliance is, whether is has been repaired before or whether the owner themselves has any issues or problems which are leading them to want to replace it with a new one. Do your research before you arrive too, look up the make and model online and check out reviews from other users before you decide if you are interested or not. It might look like a great price, but if reviewers are saying those machines are poorly made when bought new, then used isn’t going to be such a great deal.

The alternative to buying a used tumble dryer for sale by owner in a privately listed advertisement, is to look into refurbished, reconditioned and scratch and dent dryers. Look in the Yellow Pages for refurbished appliance stores and big retailer’s outlet stores for these kinds of products. In my local area there is a Sears outlet which regularly has scratch and dent Kenmore appliances and other brands like Whirlpool, GE etc. Many stores also have online appliance outlets where you can find refurbished and discounted end of line dryers at better than retail price. You might not find a massive bargain here, but you are basically buying a brand name product with a warrantee at lower than the sticker price, sometimes 50% discounted or better if you are in luck.

Finding cheap tumble dryers isn’t all that hard but find the make, model, style and everything else which fits your requirements is a little more difficult. Sure, there are some things you can choose to compromise on if the price is right, but don’t get sucked in to the thrill of the deal and end up with a product which is not going to meet your requirements either.

When buying one of these machines you still need to think about the features there are on offer. Do you want a second hand stackable dryer and washing machine set or will a side by side pairing do? Do you need a basic electric or are you interested in one of the more modern gas powered dryer models? Or perhaps a second hand steam dryer what you really want or is an energy star energy saving model the most important factor in your decision making process? How big is your family? Do you need a high capacity dryer or can you make do with something smaller and cheaper? If you live alone in an apartment or in a college dorm you might be able to get away with a portable model or even a mini countertop model for those times when you don't want to make a trip to the laundrette.

Whatever your requirements, there are second hand tumble dryer machines to suit those needs out there if you shop around. Just be cautious in what you buy and if your gut tells you it’s a bad deal, then it probably is regardless of the price. It's easy to get suckered in by a great price but still check reviews for store bought products because a poor product is still poor even if it is half the price.


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