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Grow Room Ventilation Ideas For Medical Marijuana

Updated on September 22, 2015
An efficient ventilation system
An efficient ventilation system

Top Rated Grow Tent

Huge Grows!
Huge Grows! | Source

A grow tent or grow room without proper air circulation is not the best environment for your plants and that will no doubt stunt and hurt your outcome.

Freshness is the best way and this goes straight to the quality of the air that's nurturing your females. If you truly learn, understand and implement this part of the grow process, you're already ahead of about 90 percent of rookies who grow.

For our girls to thrive and produce mind-blowing frosty buds, then they should receive a steady flow of CO2 plus oxygen for their roots and leaves to absorb in. The steady airflow helps eliminate grow room impurities in the air that will form naturally even if you don't know they exist. Dust is another issue, as the dust will settle on the plants if your air is stagnant.

What is the answer you ask? First, lets not wait until it is too late, you don't want your plants dying and you dealing with the pain of having to restart the process all over again. Of course, nipping the problem in the bud is the best course of action.

Ventilation Systems

One thing not to forget when thinking of a ventilation system, is that replacing the air that exits your grow room is a must.

#1 Selling Exhaust Fan

A ventilation must have
A ventilation must have | Source

Because hot air goes up you need to put the exit valve in the top of the growing area and the intake should be somewhere near the bottom. Don't be unaware that the intake should be somewhat larger than the exhaust exit; This will let the passive air come in with more ease and will bring the correct amount into the grow room.

Make sure this exit exhaust fan is rated for high CFM under pressure.

Fans for ventilation will have a CFM rating that tells you how many cubic feet of air the fan moves per 60 seconds. To be ideal, the exhaust fan should be able to circulate the air from your grow room at least once every five minutes. To get your grow tent or rooms total cubic feet you would multiply the width, height, and depth. the you would divide the number by 5 and now you have the minimum CFM fan rating that would be a good fit for your grow room.

Circulation of air also brings a very calm breeze to your plants that is very important for strong stem, branch, and bud development.

A calm air flow will stimulate the plants by stressing it just enough causing a growth in size and strength to the branches and stems. This directly enhances the quality of buds because the plant will now be thicker, stronger and overall healthier. I've seen some of my girls stems grow to 3-4x larger than the average plant when using proper ventilation.

There you go, some great info that most novice growers will look past and never use what could have taken their plant growth beyond their wildest dreams. Don't be one who falls into this group of indoor gardeners! Your hard work should be rewarded by giving you the best buds around and you wont have to pay crazy loot for it either. Gardening your own medicine is an investment as these plants have been proven through thousands of years of real world testing, as having miraculous healing properties that will NEVER leave you in your time of need.

Make the most of your grow area and I wish plenty of bountiful harvests to you all.


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    • Phil The Gain profile image

      Phil The Gain 7 years ago from Planet Earth

      Cassie- It's been worth it for me to give all seeds a shot unless they aren't fully developed.

      Nick- You should most definitely use nutes during both vegetative and flowering. You should get specific nutes for both cycles. There are many brands out there that will get the job done but my preference is FoxFarm.

    • profile image

      NICK 7 years ago


    • profile image

      cassie 7 years ago

      I've heard some different ideas on which seeds to keep for your own grow. I've heard if its white its out of sight. if its black put it back. which seeds do u recommend keeping cuz i don't know

    • profile image

      Illuminatti1 7 years ago

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot wait to begin the process. I am a novice grower and I am very excited (and nervous) to begin this (healthy) journey.