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Seed Bomb Tutorial - How to Make Seed Bombs DIY

Updated on October 14, 2014

Seed bombs are a fun and easy garden-themed gift. They make super cute DIY wedding favors, and also work well as gift basket add-ons or stocking stuffers for folks with green thumbs. Learn how to make seed bombs yourself and save money.

Supplies Needed For Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are easy to make at home. To do your seed bombs favors, you will need:

  • 1 sheet of paper per seed bomb (note - you can use newspaper, but it will give the favors a grey tint)
  • Paper shredder
  • Bowl, bucket, and jug
  • Edible or flower seeds native to your area - I suggest buying seeds in bulk
  • Cheesecloth
  • Silicon mold or ice cube tray(optional)
  • Optional decor, such as dried herbs, dried flower petals, or glitter
  • Baking racks (to dry favors on)
  • Blender (note - making seed bombs can burn out a blender motor, so it's best to use an old blender)

How to Make Seed Bombs

Begin with shredded paper. Soak your paper overnight in water to soften it. In the morning, pulverize the wet paper mixture in your blender. You could try using an immersion blender to whip up the paper into a pulpy paste, but the motor might not be strong enough. When you finish, you should have a wet, thick goop.

Next, add in your seeds and any decorative elements (like glitter or dried flower petals). Mix the entire thing together using a wooden spoon or large spatula. This can help to ensure that your seeds are thoroughly mixed up - and that not all of the lettuce seeds are hiding together in the corner, for example.

Place the mixture in cheesecloth to strain out some of the extra water. When you finish this step, you should have a dry pulp with seeds incorporated.

Next, push your paper mixture into your ice trays or silicone trays. Use pressure to avoid getting air bubbles in the trays. This shapes the seed bombs. If you don't care about getting a shape, you could just squeeze the seed bombs into little balls with your fingers.

Place the seed bombs on a flat surface and allow them to dry out fully. You're all done!


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