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The Coolest Comforter You Will Ever Own: A Seersucker Comforter

Updated on March 21, 2011

Choose a Seersucker Comforter for Spring and Summer

If you don't enjoy the heat your current comforter or bedspread provides you during the summer months, then why not try a cooler comforter to cover yourself with so you don't have to put your air conditioner on or kick your comforter off each and every night? A seersucker comforter could be just the relief from heat you've been looking for. Plus with an air conditioner, a seersucker comforter will provide you with the most extreme heat relief you've ever felt with a comforter. Lightweight and extremely breathable, seersucker fabric is a great innovation in modern bedding.

Seersucker Comforters Perfect For Any Bedroom

When you typically think of seersucker fabric, you picture the puckered, gingham or striped pattern that dresses and infant's clothing often are made with. Not too often do people picture a vast array of colors and patterns when they think of seersucker fabric. Instead, pastels or checkered prints come to mind. If you're not into pastels or gingham, you will be happy to know that there are navy blues, blacks, and other bright colors and wild patterns that are sure to suit any decor, although pastels, cool colors like turquoises and other shades of greens, violets, and blues are more popular for summer. Somehow, a burning red seersucker comforter would never seem as relaxing and cooling as one in cyan blue and soft yellow striped one.

Seersucker comforters are a great option for spring or summer because of their cooling properties brought about by the 100% cotton and thin weave of the fabric. This doesn't mean it has to be a boring comforter because it serves a purpose as well. You can now find a seersucker comforter perfect for any bedroom due the selections available. Whether it's modern you're looking for or more traditional, there will be seersucker bedding available for you. While you may not be able to find a seersucker comforter in your favorite bedding store, you can always find seersucker comforter online at or at

seersucker comforter
seersucker comforter


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