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Selecting Gutters for a Dutch Colonial Home

Updated on January 6, 2012

Dutch Colonial Revival Architecture

Notice the curved eaves on this Dutch Colonial house.
Notice the curved eaves on this Dutch Colonial house. | Source


The architectural styles of many homes in America are closely connected to the history of the European people who settled in this part of the world. When the Dutch came to the New World in the 17th century for settlement and colonization of its northeast territory, Dutch-colonial architecture in house construction emerged using materials native to the American soil. Distinguishing features in Dutch colonial revival architecture include ornate gables, gambrel roofs and curved eaves. The dramatic pitch, style of its roof and its facade presentation limit the style of gutters that work successfully with the house's style.

Simple in Design

The style of a Dutch Colonial home feature straight lines and decorative eaves that give the bottom tips of the roofline a subtle flare. As the eye follows the roofline down from the top, the ends curve out and make the house look like it has on an old-style, Dutch hat. Gutters added to this style roof must not compete as its own architectural feature, as some gutters, such as ornate copper gutters, would. The simple, straight lines of standard gutters are best to work with for a Dutch colonial home, when it comes to style.


Although the lines of the gutters are best left simple, the quality of the gutters must not fall into the "cheapest" category. Select gutters that last a long time and that install flush against the house's eases without any gaps. The gutters must not fail after just a few seasons of increment weather, and this includes coming away from the house or failing at the seams. Water damage to the roof's base and interior walls and ceilings eventually occurs when water contacts the wood behind the gutter, only to be wicked in as far as the water can travel before dripping off. This water damage is not worth the savings in buying the lowest-cost gutters.


The best style gutters for a Dutch Colonial home require minimal maintenance to both the roof and the gutters. They not only fit the eaves well but also lessen the amount of roof maintenance offer the best functional solution for the gutters. Some areas of a Dutch Colonial roof are difficult to navigate across because of its steep pitches and narrow sections, but these sections may only require a minimal amount of gutter work. In the end, the gutters will look like any typical gutter without any special features, but the style and design features are in the house, not the gutters.

Leaf-Blocking Gutters

While leaf-guard or leaf-blocking gutters reduce the amount of gutter blockage and cleanup, not all types function well on a Dutch Colonial house. Depending on the pitch of its cover, this type of gutter may facilitate water wicking back up into the roof's eaves instead of flowing away. Instead of completely discarding this type of gutter as an option, schedule several consultations with companies offering different leaf-blocking gutter styles. With samples of the gutters, the experts can help you determine which ones channel the water effectively away from the uniquely styled Dutch-Colonial house. In fact, they may be able to provide you with this information, and you can research the product further before scheduling the visit.


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