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Sell Your Property Faster with These 4 Savvy Tips

Updated on September 25, 2015

Savvy Tip One: Upgrade a Property's Exterior

The first part of a property that potential buyers look at is its exterior. To make a property look beautiful, work on the landscaping of a property by removing debris, mowing the lawns and trimming foliage. Sweep the sidewalk and driveway to make the property welcoming as soon as buyers arrive. Make sure to clean leaves from rain gutters, repair loose roof shingles and paint unsightly siding on the exterior of a property. Create an attractive entranceway by placing potted flowers on the porch or hanging a seasonal wreath on the door.

Savvy Tip Two: Get rid of a property Clutter

Cluttered property are more difficult to sell to buyers quickly because excess furniture and items make rooms look small, crowded and undesirable. Take down artwork and photographs from the walls before filling and painting the holes. Give away or store as many things as possible if you are still living in the property to make it more attractive. Resist the urge to store everything in boxes in a basement or garage because buyers also want to view these spaces to check for damage before making an offer.

Savvy Tip Three: Clean and Repair a Home’s Interior

After getting rid of excess clutter in a home, begin a thorough cleaning process that includes washing walls, floors and windows. Begin by shampooing carpets and sanitizing bathroom fixtures to make the surfaces spotless. If anything in the home is in disrepair, then have it fixed in order to make the property more desirable. A home’s interior painted with neutral colors such as white or beige will sell faster because the buyer can move in with any type of furniture without redecorating first.

Savvy Tip Four: Hire an Expert Real Estate Agent

A great way to sell a home faster is by hiring the best real estate agent in your city or town. To find a knowledgeable real estate agency, talk to friends, relatives and neighbors about the companies they have hired. Meet with the real estate agent to determine if they have a communication style that you like. The agency you hire should have a website where the agent can place photographs showing the interior and exterior of your home to encourage a fast purchase by a buyer. Your agent should remain in frequent contact with you throughout the selling process.

Gennady Barsky is a real estate mogul from NYC.


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