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Quick Tips Before Selling Your Home

Updated on September 6, 2017

Know Your Why

Did you inherit a home? Do you need to relocate? Need more space? Knowing why you are selling helps you make decisions along the way. If you have to move for a new job you might have to sell right away. If your family is planning to move in the future try to time the sale for the best part of the year.


Return on Investment

Should you update that kitchen? Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms sell a home, but should you spend 20k in updates when you can only raise the price by 10k? Probably not. Every situation is different so it is good to do some research on cost to update and repair versus selling it the way it is.


Know the Value

You should have an idea of what your home is worth before your even start the selling process. Home prices are normally priced by comparable properties. A quick way to tell is to look online for the last three homes have already been sold in your area that are similar to yours. Take properties that have the same amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and similar style and condition and see what they recently sold for. Remember, these are recent and comparable to your property.


Pick an Agent

By the time you pick an agent you should know a little about the market and your home so there are no huge surprises. Make sure you pick an agent you trust and feel free to interview them so you feel comfortable working with them. Going with the cheapest option when selling your biggest investment is probably not the wisest choice. Find an agent who is knowledgeable that can advise you on all matters from the pricing to which offer to accept in the end. Make sure you feel like you can be open and honest with this person and you are not intimidated by them. They should be able to answer your questions simply and have the heart of a teacher.


During the Sale

If you have priced the property properly and picked the right agent, your job is still not over. Make sure you listen to your agent and ask them what you can do to help. Agents deal with buyers everyday and know what people look for and what stands out and sometimes they are things you never notice. If they suggest small adjustments such tidying up the basement or power washing outside, it is because they have heard complaints on other properties. Do not feel offended at what they tell you- they are there to help!


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    • cvanthul profile image

      Cristina Vanthul 7 months ago from Florida

      Good tips, Michael. Welcome to Hubpages. Feel free to reach out time if you need a referral agent in the Tampa Area.