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Septic Tank Fixes: Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals

Updated on August 22, 2017

Most people go one of two ways: they either call the professionals for everything, or they are a DIY enthusiast that wants to fix everything themselves. The DIY enthusiast will usually try to take on any fix themselves, and they usually wind up saving thousands of dollars because they don’t call the professionals.

There are some fixes that should be left to the professionals, and septic tank problems are one of those. Here’s why.

The toxic waste isn’t safe

The toxic waste that is inside of a septic tank is more than just smelly, it can be extremely harmful. It is full of bacteria that can wreak havoc on the body. For example, if a person has a small scrape and they fall, that bacteria can get inside the cut. It can turn a small cut into a trip to the hospital in a matter of hours.

It can also make an otherwise healthy person very sick. Professionals are trained in dealing with toxic waste, and they have the proper safety equipment to protect themselves.

The smell

Most people don’t realize just how bad a septic tank smells on the inside until they try to fix one themselves. All of the waste that goes through the pipes, such as food, feces and so on, winds up in the bottom of that septic tank.

This waste then turns into a sludge that sits in the bottom of the tank. More and more sludge develops until the tank is full and needs to be pumped. As more sludge winds up in the tank, it smells worse and worse.

The smell alone is enough to make most people not want to venture near a septic tank, let alone inside of one.

Mistakes can cost more money than the original repair bill

Septic systems are complex systems that work a certain way. Different systems are designed differently, and have different parts. All of those parts have to work in perfect harmony together to make sure that the septic system operates smoothly.

A person with little or no experience can easily make a mistake when they are trying to fix the system. That little mistake will mean that the professionals will have to fix the mistake, and whatever was originally wrong with the system, which will cost even more money.

In most cases, it would have been cheaper to just call the professionals in the first place.

There are laws that need to be followed

Most people think that putting in a septic tank is a simple thing, but it’s really not. There are quite a few laws that most counties have pertaining to septic tanks, such as how many feet they have to be away from the house.

If those aren’t followed, code enforcement can require a homeowner to re-install the entire system, or homeowners can wind up with a hefty fine. Sometimes, both happens.

Professionals are well aware of all of the laws regarding septic systems, so homeowners usually won’t have to worry about having to deal with anything in the future.

There is a specific way to do things

There is a certain way that most things should be done, especially septic tanks and systems. Most homeowners have no idea that the tank has to be put in the ground the same day that the hole is dug. After they dig the hole themselves, they will be tired and put off putting the tank in for a day or two. This is a huge mistake though.

Professionals know about all those little things, and will make sure that the entire system is installed properly. Homeowners will probably struggle trying to figure all of this out, and they will usually make a mistake or two in the process.

Septic systems can cost a lot of money when a homeowner considers the cost of installation, the cost of the system itself, and the cost of repairs. This is the main reason why so many homeowners decide to try and fix it themselves. This can wind up doing more harm than good though.

Instead, remember these things and leave it to the professionals to save more money in the long run, and to make sure that everyone stays healthy.

© 2017 Amber Lynn


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