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Looking for a great addition to your home? Seth Thomas Clocks are the Answer!

Updated on August 2, 2013
Seth Thomas Adamantine
Seth Thomas Adamantine

Know More About Seth Thomas Clocks

Have you ever imagined how clock movements can be possible when they are made of wood? Surely, that would be a tedious job but definitely a craftsmanship like no other. The catch is: that is no longer a first because it was the very first styles and designs of yesteryears’ clocks. And if you fancy such collections, you would surely love to own one straight from the pioneer in mass producing them way, way back in the 18th century. The brand you would be looking for is the Seth Thomas Clock Company which clock making history was traced back in 1813.

But before that, Seth Thomas clocks have already been in the industry because Thomas started in the business as a simple clock worker for Eli Terry. Soon he rose to a senior partner position to then Terry, Thomas, & Hoadley Clocks. In those years, Seth Thomas clocks are all made from wood movements. So if these are the kinds you fancy, make sure that you have enough dollars to put out because judging from the age and its history, these antiques will surely cost you a great deal of money.

Eventually, Terry sold his stocks to Thomas in 1810, who in turn, nearly lost his partnership in 1812. Thomas rebounded the following year though, moving to Plymouth Hollow—now Thomaston in his honor—to build a factory where the first metal movements were produced. If you then find these types of Seth Thomas clocks, you are looking at more recent although still very antique pieces that still mean serious money.

You might also find mantel and shelf Seth Thomas clocks, which history went back to 1817. They may be made from different materials in movements but they are all of the same high quality known to every Seth Thomas clocks. All of these are already very ancient compared to another huge sample of Thomas clocks found in the Fireman’s Hall. That antique clock is already made of brass movements which can be traced back in the mid of 1840. Another one of these, but in a completely different design and style is at the Grand Central Terminal.

You don’t have to buy any of those two samples because you won’t be able to. But you can own at least one of these antique Seth Thomas clocks by looking online and ordering from the most trusted and reputed company you can find in the long list of choices.

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Come check out our homepage for more information on antiques and collectibles.
Come check out our homepage for more information on antiques and collectibles. | Source

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