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Setting Up the Ultimate Wet Bar

Updated on March 7, 2017

A regular wet bar converted into a unique one is not as daunting a task as most imagine

For those individuals who enjoy entertaining on a regular basis, consider setting up a wet bar. This particular tool for recreation adds a fun diversion from the average get together. These are wonderful for parties or even for a few guests stopping over at the spur-of-the-moment.

Countless people have set ups designed specifically for a favorite sporting event or team. Regardless of the initial design or thought behind the idea, characteristically the right ingredients make it a great attraction.

Scores of folks see these as a sort of performance in serving food and drink. Variations depend on the dollars invested, uses and specific reasons for installation. Though, common denominators contributing to success is capable in nearly all cases. Make certain these basics are on hand to see the production of an awesome one.

What every excellent wet bar needs;

1) Sink

This is a must. Size is not a big issue. Functionality is what to look for when considering what kind or type to install. Like every other thing about the set up there are a number of differences. There are those with all of the bells and whistles, while others offer simply the basics.

Most manufacturers in the industry have identified the retail market is strong enough to invest in creating a line of wet bar sinks.There is a difference between the functionality of one used in a regular kitchen set up and what is needed for this project. Do not confuse the too or attempt to substitute one for another.

Cleanliness is the goal. This is simply to provide a space to wash and rinse dishes being used. Since there is a chance this one will stand out where company sees it, be careful to choose one easy to clean and keep in great shape.

2) Organization

Be organized while also adding a sense of appeal is extremely attractive. Make a conscious decision of what amount is being spent and on which pieces of furniture for the set up. Imagine where each piece will be and if easy access and use works for the layout.

Avoid spending $50 for each beer stein when there are no seats. A sink set up in a separate room from where the alcohol and wine glasses are kept looks shabby and thrown together haphazard.

Have a place for guests to sit and enjoy drinks at each individual's personal leisure. It makes no difference if there are bar stools or simply a set of chairs and a table. Most folks admit the one thing which works well is putting drinks as close to the sitting area as possible. Tablecloths and coasters are not a must, but nice to have. An expensive table warrants investment is coasters.

There are times when just the necessities are present to get started and fancy more expensive items are added later.

3) Refrigeration

Beverages are best served cold. Ensure white wine and beer are always served cold or chilled to the touch. A number of red wines suggest a little chill to make them better, but the average is served at room temp.

It is not always possible to offer a guest a cold one of every chosen beverage for practical reasons. Generally there is a space for choices or space. The latter is most often the circumstance. There are a number of difficult choices for some of the hosts.

When buying a fridge look at what will be stored. Will there be room for laying wine bottles inside and closing the door? How about storing beer in bottles versus cans as well as mixes and soda pop.

When unlimited area is possible for the supplies on hand, there are no hard decisions. Though, be certain to make smart choices. Sometimes is is even choosing the lesser of tow evils.

For instance, ditch the red wine for the white for the ice on hand. The best way to achieve a cold beer and white wine is to have a tub or container to hold loose ice. Place the white wine and beer inside of the container to serve perfectly for a great wet bar. If only serving beer, everything works out well. If , not a refrigerated space is nice, but there are some alternatives.

4) Basic drinks

Vodka, whiskey, tequila, scotch, gin and rum are the wet bar basic drinks to have on hand. Be capable of offering any one as a choice for the ultimate alcohol set up.

These standards build a bar and nearly any drink is created with at least a single one of these. Add others and even a few unique additions to the bar to make it stand out.

Use flavored liqueurs that include cinnamon, orange, and coffee in addition to peppermint to make some change ups on the basics. Stay away from having only these on hand with beer and wine. Beer and wine are the staples where all others begin.

Choose either a domestic beer or imported. There is no right or wrong. Most hosts make a personal choice. For non beer drinkers, go with majority rules. Stay away from one which happens to be on sale, but no one has swallowed a drop of it in the last 5 years. For instance, the Billy Carter brand is out.

5) Glasses

Glasses are to be from a short version along with a tall edition. Some bartenders add a shot glass or different types of wine glasses for a little bit of variety. Attempt to connect the alcohol choices on hand with the right drink ware.

When serving wine, it is best to serve it in the appropriate glass. This is also true when consuming bourbon or beer. Ever see a margarita served in a beer stein? There is a reason for this, it looks better in the appropriate container.

Red wine glasses are larger in width than white wine glasses for a reason. Where the drinkers hands are placed makes a difference in temperature, mixture and even visual appeal. Taste is even better in a unique glass.

One exception hosts wonder about is champagne. Champagne isn’t served often, but when a special occasion arises where it will be served, have those glasses on hand for a terrific wet bar. look, feel, taste and experience.

6) Mixers

These are basic additions which come with everything except wine, beer and champagne. One bottle turns into six or seven drink selections simply adding these. They are typically much less expensive than the general stock.

Fruit as well as vegetable ones are required. Sparkling water, tonic water, club soda besides cola soda and citrus varieties are the most popular. Add others much more unique. Scores of people stock up when discovering these are a sale or supermarket deal. Expiration dates are long standing and refrigeration is not a must for most.

These are also nice to have when some guests are not old enough to imbibe.

7) Garnishes

Add the cherry to the top of the basics and mixers, literally. Now there is a visual investment with garnishes. These are the sort of extras which make a small difference, but most hosts and guests enjoy tremendously.

Make a list to pick up at any supermarket. Buying these ahead of time is tricky. These have a short shelf life and do need to be kept cold. If there is a theme or a few choices it might make the decision of whether or not to invest for the evening in this extra. Making margaritas all evening limits the amount of cherries and olives used to none.

These are olives, cherries, slices of lemon and lime and even rind. When making tropical beverages, they need coconut and pineapple.

8) Gadgets and gizmos

Gadgets and gizmos are needed by the more seasoned professional. It makes creating a drink an art. Simply more than pouring liquids into glasses.New ones are coming into the market everyday. Although there are still some old school favorites which seem to still get the job done.

Jiggers are needed to measure libations to the perfect blend. Blenders are a must for mixing others margaritas and pina coladas. Blenders are terrific for anything where a slushiness is targeted. Bottle openers for beer and have little touches like straws, napkins, cork screws and stirrers are a delight. A bar towel with a little jazzy feel to clean up the works space is nice as well.

9) Over the top

Giving it a little bit more than the average is a step taken by the enthusiasts. Over the top is putting in a little work and creativity when it comes to one or more items.

Putting in items such as umbrellas or funny shaped drinking glasses to serve in works well. How about stirrers in fun and unique shapes or coinciding with holiday cheer? There are stores selling ice trays molds in fun shapes. Blinking neon bar signs typically not seen inside of a home are always a smile.

10) Keep improving

Once the set up is completed up with the tips and tools outlined here, there is more to come. Continue building up up and adding on to what has already been installed. More mixers and adding some not so basic additions is a way to begin the voyage. Try some new and even a few unusual drinks.

This is a wonderful hide a fridge idea which works well for the purpose. With 1.7 cubic feet of space, it is a steal of a deal

A few other things to consider with the set up

In conclusion

Having a wet bar is a responsibility added to the upkeep of any home. There are some fun aspects, but there is also work to be done in keeping things up and running. Along with the costs of drinks, glasses and other basics, there is cleaning to be done. Also keep in mind a fee for using extra power to refrigerate along and purchase what is needed. After getting the needs, there are generally wants which also have a fee.

This is just like any other hobby, like fishing or sewing, there is a money and elbow grease needed. Begin the journey right to have fun along the way. Never forget a great one means starting it out right and keeping the ball rolling. Everyone has distinct ideas and thoughts on how a personal one will look. Although there are certainly differences in this regard, the basic additions remain the same.

Getting all of the items and details listed here performed before trying out the wet bar is a great idea. Do not expect everything to go off without a hitch if this is the first try at tending a bar. The first couple of tries at using it are wonderful for identifying what to add to make it better the next time and the time after that.


Children are welcome in countless cases

Kiddies are able to enjoy the bar. More than a few folks have the wet bar set up in an area where children play video games or forms of entertainment.

Keeping the fridge lined with soda pop or drink boxes is fun for them as well as mom and dad. For a few dollars more purchase two. One for the big kids or adults and one for the real kids. Children generally have a good laugh or get a kick out of having owning a personal fridge just for them.

Parents have the discretion of how to serve offspring and special guests under drinking age. With two instead of one on hand there is no mistake as to which one is utilized when mom and dad are not in. Just like parental controls on things such as televisions, put a lock on the one with adult beverages. No chance of any under age drinking taking place for those teenage years.

Instructions on building a personal wet bar

Man cave wet bar

Basements or a room in the house designated as a man cave is generally where the wet bar is located.

The definition of a man cave is having everything personally chosen set up and placed in the style or design of the man of the house. Additionally food and drink are included in personal choices.

Most folks entering a man cave notice an extremely large television, countless time spent watching it, and a wet bar. This is a wonderful video on construction a unique one specific to a person's needs.

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      Stephany 5 years ago from Somerset New Jersey

      Awesome ideas. Thanks for the HUB!

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      Good hub! think i will follow your advice.