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Setting Your House up for Your New Cat

Updated on June 20, 2019
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Emily is an aspiring writer, someone who loves to write for fun, for a hobby, and for her career. Bringing those stories to life is a goal.

What do you need to get started?

We all want a new addition to our family, dog, cat, fish, birds, you name it but what do you need to get your house or apartment ready for a cat?

  1. Before buying a cat, decide where you're going in the first place. A shelter is the best option, they may or may not have very many cats but you will end up saving a life in the end.
  • No matter where you buy your new addition, think about what they'll need too.
  1. A bed, that is if your cat will actually use a cat bed instead of attacking your feet at night while sleeping. She or he may like it or they may not. This option is completely up to you and you alone, the only question to yourself is whether they'll use it or not.
  • If you end up buying a bed and it's not being used then either ask someone you know who has pets if they may need it, sell it, or keep it for the future in case you ever buy another addition to your family.
  1. You will need to give them food and water, where you'll be putting their food and water bowl, where you can buy one, and what type of food is needed.
  • Stores you can definitely shop around at are your typical pet stores though grocery stores such as Fry's and Walmart will have what you're looking for as well.
  • The food you will have to get is up to you, but I would honestly check to see if it's decently healthy enough for your new furball. For example, if your new kitten or cat is having issues with hairballs then I suggest buying a brand that will help dim down that aspect.
  • Where you want to place that food and water is also entirely up to you, but to make it look cute enough then the kitchen would be the best bet. The bedroom or living room may seem odd to those who come over. If you're one who likes to place things oddly and read other peoples expressions then go for it!
  1. Besides the bed and food/water, you'll also need a cat litter box, cat litter, and some toys.
  • Cat litter can be found within pet stores or your every grocery store, though be sure on which one you want to get. Prices range so in the end if you want something cheap, get it. If you want something pricey? Get it! Just be sure you know what you want to purchase, some litters have odor control while others help with clumps and such.
  • The cat box also comes in different sizes as well as appearance. Smaller types will be directly for kittens whereas bigger-ish ones will be more for the adult cat.
  • Besides the cat litter and cat box, you will also need toys! your cat will need some exercise and to do that you can purchase some essential toys to take that weight off. Anything with catnip can work, that is if your cat likes catnip, if not then there are those bell balls they like to chase around, cat towers they can climb, and so on so forth. There are a variety of things you can get, but it also depends if your cat will actually play with the toys or not.
  1. Catnip and Cat Towers are also essential as stated above.
  • Cat towards will help your cats clawing needs, it will also sharpen their claws for them. If you are one for a cat having their claws not all that sharp then you can either groom them yourself and survive the attack or take them to a groomer and have them survive the felines attacks. If you are one for a cat to have their full potential and not want to declaw them then the cat tower will work bed for you, (anything will you just have to know what you're buying).
  • Catnip is another add on, you don't have to get it but it's like a treat for them. They'll appreciate it! That being said, some cat treats are always welcome as well. Just make sure if she or he likes the salmon taste over the chicken.


Where to find the time, the money, and ideal shelter.

This really depends on the individual who is really wanting a cat right here, right now. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Time is a given, you could buy/adopt a kitten or cat at any time before or after work. The choice is whether you'll do it or not.
  • If work is in the way, then perhaps in your free time.
  1. Money can always be saved, hence why we are able to have a savings account. Though to keep things decent keep a note on how much you're willing to spend. If it's out of range, keep saving. If it's just right but barely, you could either just go for it and know what you're getting yourself into or wait some more.
  2. The shelter is the easy part. Given many locations, it's whether it's closer to where you live or not. Would you want to drive far to find your perfect cat? Then that's up to you. If you do however and you couldn't find/feel out the cat you're looking for then it doesn't have to be the end of the world. There are still many more choices, besides, it doesn't have to be TODAY, it can always be tomorrow or two days from now.

Halo Rescue

Helping Animals Live On since 1994 in the Valley of the Sun, adopted out over 60000 pets, all pets are vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized

Are you ready?

The most common question asked, are you ready to adopt a new cat and take care of it? Though it's not a child, she or he will still impact your life, you will be keeping him or her from here on out.

  1. If you are not ready, then just give yourself a list of what you must accomplish first before jumping any gun.
  2. If you are ready, go for it. You will be saving a life as well as gaining a new friendship. This new addition will become your best friend in life, your cat may have an attitude but think of it as a plus for the animal's personality.
  3. If you think you are but you also feel as though you are not ready, then wait it out. You can either sleep on it or wait a couple of weeks. If it's fate then it is destined to work out!

Tips, ideas, and other information.

Still unsure? Then think about these ideas altogether, if it's not to your liking then just know you are your own person so, in the end, it all comes down to your own yes or no answer.

  1. Now that we have the main items to take care of our new friend, think about how your new cat may feel. At first, they will be skittish and not know where they are. They will hide and perhaps only come out when they're hungry but give them time! They have feelings too you know.
  2. Pamper them, spoil them if you have to. If it is your fur-child then go all out. Doesn't matter what others may think, it only matters how you treat your own pet.
  • Even if you don't spoil them they will still love you!
  1. Indoor cats: If you want to keep him or her inside then, by all means, go ahead. We know its a scary world out there and we can't really stop anything from happening but if you think your cat desires to go outside by how they act towards an open window, you could always try walking them! Some cats love it, some don't.
  2. Outdoor Cats: They're just a mini lion at this point, let them bring you gifts too! It'll open the bond more and create a better lasting friendship in my own opinion. Though, if you notice your cat getting into fights or literally creating more kittens then it will be your choice on what you want to do afterward. Leave them be, or if too paranoid, take them inside. Everyone is different!
  3. If this is your first cat then there are additional things you could think about. How to clean up puke? Get a paper towel, pick it up, throw it away. Yes, it really is gross but it is one thing we must do to help them. Clean up the mess when you're done cleaning up after the vomit, you don't want a sticky ground or a wet carpet! If you don't know when to clean the cat box then on your calendar select two to three days the most to clean it. Cross off the days as you count down, it'll help you remember.
  4. Closed doors: If you can't find your cat, check your closet, bathroom, or washer and dryer room, they are sneaky creatures filled with curiosity!
  5. If your cat is a foodie, then watch out for your beverages and plates of dinner! They'll munch on it like nothing and devour it. If you think your food will be fine then that's up to you.
  6. Loud noises may also startle them so don't worry new pet owners, they're jumpy as is.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Emily Murray


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