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Seven Features That Say Luxury Home

Updated on December 20, 2013

How do you achieve the luxury look at home? We see beautiful, opulent homes on TV and magazines all the time, but how can we emulate that in our own homes? What tricks and hints can we employ to elevate our humble dwellings into the luxury category?

Embrace historic touches

If you are lucky enough to live in a period home, start making the most of it. Older homes have period features that can really give a luxury flavour to even the most modest of homes. Architectural molding around the walls of a room gives an interior a classic, timeless feel that exudes luxury. The same can be said for original fire places, so whatever you do, don't get rid of them if you want the luxury look. Paint walls in historically accurate shades to emphasise the luxury vintage look you are going for – do some research to identify which colours to use. The flat, matt finishes and depth of colour of heritage paints introduce instant class to an interior.

Paint it black

Research states that having a front door that is painted black makes your home appear more upmarket. If you add some classy door furniture and a couple of tasteful topiaries in Tuscan urns either side of the entrance, you have an enticing, luxury welcome. Can you hear the sound of local house prices climbing?

A driveway

A driveway leading up to you home sets the scene for luxury all the way. Whether it is a tree lined avenue that goes on for miles through exquisite landscaped parkland or a more modest circular, gravelled affair, a drive way lifts you into a different category. If there is any redundant space outside your home, why not re-purpose it? Create a stunning, luxury driveway to enhance your dwelling in a positive way.


Our relationship with water is deep and primeval and difficult to fathom at times. We find it in turn restful rejuvenating and beautiful. We love to have water in and around our homes and in a luxury setting, the opportunities to exploit its potential are wide and varied. To achieve a stamp of luxury a home should have at least two swimming pools, both indoor and outside. Jacuzzis, hot tubs and sauna are popular additions in luxury homes as are fountains and elaborate water features.

Ditch the fakes

The genuine look of luxury can only be obtained if you source materials that are the 'real deal.' This extends to many areas of the home. For example, a home with a stunning entrance hall featuring real marble tiles and exquisite granite features instantly looks as if it has been taken from the pages of an upmarket interiors magazine. Real materials such as marble and granite have an inherent integrity that makes them glow with credibility, oozing class in a cool, understated way. The same can be said for solid wood floors – the patina and finish of real wood floors beats modern laminates every time. Choose natural linens and fabrics over synthetics for an expensive look. Upholstery in pure wools and silks is delicious to the touch and looks fabulous too. Go for good looking quality bed linens and bathroom towels in the purest of organic cottons that feel wonderful on the skin.

Bespoke kitchens and bathrooms

Luxury homes have spacious kitchens and bathrooms that take the breath away. Bespoke kitchens can run into the hundreds of thousands and increasingly bathrooms are becoming as big a selling point. Add the luxury touch in your home by utilising natural materials and quality fittings. Approach granite suppliers for granite worktops and breakfast bars to achieve the high-end look.

Manicured grounds

The setting in which a luxury home stands is so important. If the surroundings are scruffy and poorly maintained, then it reflects poorly on the house. Velvety green lawns, immaculately kept flower beds and well managed trees and pasture are key to the overall impression of order and opulence. A smart, landscaped garden makes a statement about the home owners status as well as looking attractive. On a smaller scale, we can all manage our outside areas so they look their best and reflect well on the property. Even a humble window box can look super if it's stocked with a range of colourful blooms.

Getting the luxury home of our dreams may seem a long way off, but by making small adjustments to how we live now, we can edge a little closer to our goals...


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