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Sewer Gas Smell

Updated on November 5, 2010
Sewer Gas Through Toilet Trap
Sewer Gas Through Toilet Trap
Sewer Pipe Open
Sewer Pipe Open
Consequences of Inhaling Sewer Gas
Consequences of Inhaling Sewer Gas
Sewer Gas Through Broken Pipe
Sewer Gas Through Broken Pipe

What Is Sewer Gas?

What is sewer gas? Why should you old about it? How to detect sewer gas?

Sewer gas is commonly known as bad smell similar to rotten eggs.

Why should you learn about it?

Sewer gas is commonly known as sewer smell, it is a extremely poisonous gas which can cause dangereous health problems, this particular gas becomes even more dangerous if inhaled in confine spaces.

If a person inhale sewer gas for too long, the result can vary greatly from a mild nausiated feeling and vomit to a person's death.

So, understanding the serious consequences of such gas, one must also try to learn about what can be done to resolve the problem.

Common Place to Smell Sewer Gas:

Sewer gas usually travels throughout the house and, because of that, it can be tricky to trace the real source of it. However, the most common places to smell sewer gas would be the bathrooms or kitchen area.

How Sewer Gas Gets Inside My Home?

Sewer gas is always traveling between the home drain piping system  and the city sewer system.

Everytime a toilet is flushed or a fixture is turned on in the house, the waste (liquid or solid) will  trade space with the air that is constantly blowing through the pipe and, the gas comes with it.

During this process, the air and gas will look for a way to get out of the pipe, so, if the plumbing system is working properly, the air and gas will go out through the roof vents in to the atmosphere.

However, if your home plumbing system has one or more of the following: a crack on the piping, p-trap is not sealing properly, the p-trap has no water in it, the vent pipe on the roof is not installed correctly or a toilet was not installed or sealed properly, any of these option could be the reason of why you're having sewer gas smell inside your house.

Finding the Source of the Smell and Fixing It:

Unfortunately, in order to determine the source of the smell, you must perform a smoke bomb test, this particular procedure must be done by two people or two professionals, it can easily done by anyone if you already have experience in doing so, otherwise, I would strongly recommend you to contract professionals to do so, otherwise, you likely fill your home with smoke.

Even though, smoke bomb test seems to be a simple procedure, it can be tricky and it might take 1 to 2 hours to perform successfully by those who know how to do it.

Be prepared to spend anywhere between $350.00 to $600 to have a professional to perform such test and, in most cases, it will not be guarantee wether they will find the source of the problem or not, however, if you have bad smell inside your home, you cannot ignore the problem.

Also, by contracting the professionals, you will have the advantage that they will know where to look for the problem even before performing the test.

I hope this article will help you to understand a little more about sewer gas and its gravity.

Thanks for stopping by, please, help me by leaving your commments or opinions, I greatly appreciate your time spent here! Until next time.

Also, if you want me to write about anything in particular, leave your suggestion here.


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      7 years ago

      Sewer gas is mostly methane which is odorless but it's almost always mixed with other gases, the most common of which is hydrogen sulfide which is the rotten egg smell. The hydrogen sulfide comes from decomposing organic matter either animal or vegetable.


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