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Trees : A Symbol of Life

Updated on December 26, 2016
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Tammy is an avid gardening writer and love the horticulture field. Selling USDA licenses plants to all states and 13 foreign countries.

Trees Symbolize Life

Trees represent the essence of life, as they are our main producers of oxygen. Trees keep us alive in a symbiotic relationship that has no foreseeable end in sight. They enjoy the carbon dioxide humans exhale, and we tend to enjoy the oxygen they release during photosynthesis. It makes sense that trees would be uses as a symbolic marker for the life of someone we’ve loved. There are many reasons one would find it necessary to plant a tree, but here is a quick overview of a few reasons people Do plant trees.


It’s not uncommon for a company or business to commemorate the opening of a new building with the planting of a new tree. You’ll see a plethora of new trees planted when a new highway exit is built or a new complex is opened. A tiny benefit of big business can be found in their immortal capacity for incessant vanity. They want their landscaping to be perfect. They want to look like they are environmentally savvy and safe. Why not capitalize on the vanity of big business, and help the environment?

In Remembrance of Someone

Planting a tree in remembrance of a lost loved one is not a new idea, but recently, there has been a small controversial addendum to this traditional action. Trees are now being used as grief therapy for women going through the after effects of having an abortion. Psychologists suggest that it gives the grieving mother a tangible manifestation of their child’s life, and thus… a chance to mourn and revere the life lost. The controversy pertaining to this issue comes in from many different angles. Some women refuse to consider the conception an actual life, and thus the rationalization for the abortion. So, to plant a symbol of life lost would be a direct contradiction of their core beliefs. Others see it as an abomination to even recognize the life of an aborted pregnancy, because the see the action as evil altogether. To each their own.

To Provide Food

Many people enjoy the ability to grow their own food. Plant a tree to not only bring new life to your soil, but a fruit tree will bring new, life sustaining food to you and your family each year.
It’s a renewable resource of life. Depending on the fruit the tree bears, you can make your own jams. You can dehydrate the fruit, and make healthy, convenient snack packs. You can make pies. Maple trees produce syrup. The kindness of trees clearly extends past the human race to the local wildlife as well. Deer and other creatures of the forest survive off of the fruit of trees. All trees support some portion of the ecology that surrounds them. They are vital to life on this planet.

Trees Do So Much For Our Health

Trees make oxygen, provide clean fresh air, serve as filters for pollen and allergens, stop heavy winds from damage to home and buildings and much more.

Trees Provide Needed Oxygen & Clean The Air


Trees Are Priceless

From creating shade to feeding families, trees have stood the test of time in providing necessary components in everyday life to people all over the world. Dennis at Plant America, a leader in donation plants for hurricane victims and those recovering from tornadoes to providing science and research liners to experiment with free of charge says that " a tree is worth more than ten times it's cost when it reaches maturity just due to the benefits of it".

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