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Does ShamWow Microfiber Cloth Really Work?

Updated on September 28, 2010

My friend and I split a box of "As Seen on TV" Sham Wow for $20 at a local store and both decided to give it a try. The ShamWow box comes with 2 larger yellow cloths and two smaller blue ones. I set out to try my ShamWow for several things..

Cleaning: I tried using the Sham Wow microfiber cloth for cleaning around the house and got mixed results. It does not cling to crumbs and other particles very well if I spray a surface with cleaner and wipe it down. The cloths are very dry when you take them out of the box and are designed to work with larger amount of liquid than I would use cleaning a window or counter.

Carpet Spills: The Sham Wow worked well on larger spills in the carpet with more liquid. I never got the whole spill cleaned up. It absorbed enough for me to be satisfied. Stains need to be removed with a stain remover for any remaining discoloration. My friend who has a dog says it worked well for her on pet messes.

Hard Surface Spills: My Sham Wow did not absorb spills as well on hard surfaces and counters. It tended to push the liquid around and I was very disappointed.

Washing the ShamWow: The microfiber cloths are washable. I found that mine pilled when I put them through the washer and the dryer. The Sham Wow also lost some of its shape, but did not work any different. It still absorbs just as much as it did before I washed it.

End result: Sham Wow worked fine for me, but did not absorb as much liquid as advertised. I don’t know if it is worth $20 a box. It also says Made in Germany. My German friend had not heard of them while living in Germany so I don’t know if this is really a benefit or means anything at all. My friend likes her ShamWow cleaning cloth better than I do. If you order a Sham Wow off TV you can usually get double the ShamWow cleaning cloths for the same price plus shipping if you are willing to wait on your order. Other brands of the same type product exist for lower prices.

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