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Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Updated on June 11, 2011
Shark Navigator NV22L
Shark Navigator NV22L

Ever since I bought the Shark, all I can see is clean carpet. I’ve had this for about two months now, and my old vacuum cleaner could not compare with it. I wonder if it's called a Shark because of the way it eats dirt?

I purchased this bagless vacuum cleaner because the reviews told me that it is efficient, and able to clean better. Well, yes, it does clean better than my old vacuum; so here I am, writing my own review.

Shark Navigator NV22L Overview

The Shark Navigator NV22L is an upright vacuum cleaner that uses the Infinity Technology, which offers consistent suction power. This product features lightweight design and ergonomic grip for easy handling. The package includes 2 crevice tools, a dusting brush, super-stretch hose, a turbo-power brush and a set of lifetime filters.

Compact and Lightweight

It measures approximately 12-3/5 by 10-1/5 by 35-2/5 inches, much smaller compared to other household vacuum cleaners. The measurement plus the fact that this Shark is bagless make it lightweight. No, of course it does not weigh as light as a teapot, but I can easily drag it upstairs. The wheels are a great help, too. They glide perfectly even on carpeted floor. And since it is compact, hiding it inside the closet is easy.

Quieter Than Other Vacuum Units

Of course, there is no such thing as a quiet vacuum. But this Shark right here can be used during night without waking the neighborhood up. I could still remember how I dread to vacuum using my old cleaner because of the noise it makes. And not to mention how our dog hated the loud sucking sound.

Cleaning Ability

Now, don’t get me wrong, I DO clean my house regularly. But the first time I used the Shark Navigator, I was totally shocked. It is like I haven’t vacuumed for months! I honestly cannot understand where that dirt came from. Well, I guess the dirt just means this vacuum cleaner really works.

It is ideal for pet lovers. We have a short-haired dog, and I could always suck a great deal of his hair. I don’t know if the vacuum will be that effective with long animal hair, though.

The Good and the Bad Of The Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner (NV22L)

Every single vacuum cleaner has its own ‘ups and downs’. We all know that no vacuum cleaner is perfect; so here are the Shark’s pros and cons:


• Easy to assemble.

• It has an ergonomic design. Very comfortable to use.

• It can remove even the caked up dirt.

• It has sound, of course; but it is relatively quiet. You can even hold a conversation while vacuuming: a real treat.

• It comes with two sets of washable filters.

• It definitely never loses suction.

• The beater brush can be switched on and off even while operating.

• Its small head enables you to vacuum tight spaces.

• It has a long cord which enables you to vacuum every area without frequently switching between power outlets.

• There’s a cord clip so you wouldn’t have to hold the cord while vacuuming.

• No bags and filter to buy. It is bagless and the sets of filters are for lifetime use.

• The vacuum cleaner glides on the floor without doing damage because it has rubberized wheels. The wheels also allow easily maneuvering.

• Its compact design lets you stash it inside a cupboard after use.

• It has a suction power of large vacuums without the bulk.


• Like all bagless vacuum cleaners, the Shark Navigator NV22L requires you to empty it of dirt and dust.

• You have to manually wind the cord because it is not auto-retractable.

• The height is not adjustable.

• The brush attachment is not really useful.

• Since it is narrow, it may take you a while to finish vacuuming.

• It cannot go flat, so vacuuming under your bed is almost impossible.

• Sometimes you have to pull dirt, especially hair, from the waste bin.

All in all, the Shark Navigator NV22L lives up to its promise. No questions about it: it can definitely do its job. This one is for homeowners who want to like their vacs to be able to suck all dirt, but can still remain compact, lightweight and silent. Not for people who doesn’t like moving a muscle. You have to unload the thing every once in a while because it has the tiniest compartment. But overall, it is easy to clean. Even the filters rinse well.

Did I mention that the Shark Navigator NV22L sells on for 55% off? Too bad I didn’t get to purchase it on that price; I guess I got too excited to buy a new vacuum to wait for a decent offer.

Buy The Shark Navigator NV22L Now For 55% Off!


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