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A Good Knife Sharpener

Updated on February 13, 2010

Great gift for Hunters and Fishermen!!

Is there anything worse than a dull knife? I don't care what you use it for, hunting, fishing, in the kitchen or just to carry around in your pocket, a dull knife is just a real pain. A sharp knife on the other hand is a thing of beauty. Being able to effortlessly slice through whatever needs slicing is such a nice thing, and a lot safer as well. A dull knife will get you cut as you struggle, a sharp knife just glides right through in the direction you want it to go.

But how to get a knife sharp? You can take it to a professional and have it done. Nothing wrong with that, but it is nice to be able to do it yourself isn't it? You can buy sharpening stones of all sizes and compositions. My cousin Ricky can take any knife and an Arkansas stone or two and a leather strop and put a razor edge on any knife. But I can't, I can never maintain the right angle and end up making a mess of things.

Until now.

I started using a Lansky knife sharpening set. The Lansky Shapening System is advertised as a foolproof tool for sharpening knives. And it must be, because I can now sharpen with the best of them. Every knife in the house is now maintained with a fine edge and there's no looking for a knife that will cut anymore.

And it's so easy. Just secure the knife in the clamp/guide and hone the edge using the stones. The angle is set by using the guide rods in the clamp/guide and all you have to do is work the stones back and forth. No thinking whatsoever.

The guide has four different guide slots for different cutting angles. I use the 17 degree angle for some of my filet knives and the 20 degree angle for other filet knives. The 17 degree ones are my crappie and bream knives, they have small bones and are easily cut through with the razor edge of the 17 degree angle. The 20 degree angle I use for catfish to effortlessly filet.

I also use the 20 degree angle on my kitchen knives and my skinning knife. This is a great angle for the heavier kinfe that is only going to be used on boneless meat or for slicing fruit and vegetables. It will hold a good edge and is very easy to touch up.

For my regular hunting knives and meat cleavers and heaviest kitchen knives I use the 25 degree angle. These knives will see rougher duty, such as building blinds, gutting deer, cutting up boned meat and other general duty. The 25 degree angle is less susceptible to breaking or chipping and maintains a sharp edge for a good long while.

For my small pocket knives I generally keep them at the 20 degree angle. If I used them for more than occasional cutting, say I also used them for work, I would go to the 25 degree angle.

The System is available in different configurations and a diamond set or an Arkasas stone set are available. The standard kit of three stones, coarse, medium and fine stones, will get your knives sharp enough to shave your arm, but I would recommend adding the 1000 grit ultra-fine stone. Adding the ultra-fine stone allows you to put a very fine finish on the edge and you will have a truly very sharp knife.

Some will recommend going to an even finer final stone such as Lansky's Sapphire stone or using a leather charged with a polishing compound. Personally I don't feel that's necessary unless you are sharpening a straight razor or similar, but the old adage of a knife never being too sharp certainly holds true. So if you want to go sharper, go right ahead.

Lansky Knife Sharpening Systems even have an option for serrated knives. I have several knives with combination blades, standard two-sided edge on the leading part and serrated on the back half, and use the serrated sharpeners to bring the serrations back to razor edge. It also works well for sharpening bread knives and other serrated kitchen knives. So the difficult task of sharpening serrated blades is now easy.

All in all, I have to say the Lansky Knife Sharpeners are just a great product and one that should be in every household.


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    Whittling Knife 7 years ago

    Great article. I will have to check them out.