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Shedding The Light On Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Updated on December 18, 2014

Money Saving Goodness

Here is one reason why you should give me thought to what type of light bulb you install.

Money saving goodness.

Of course we can understand that the old style light bulbs used to burn through the electricity, and therefore cause the electrical bill to heat up your back pocket. So there are now a plethora of energy saving light bulbs that are marketed as earth and money saving devices. So what we are going to do now is investigate, which ones are marketing fluff, and which ones are genuine penny pinchers.

CFL vs LED vs Halogen

Average cost of bulb
Average running cost per annum
Average lifespan

What do all those numbers mean?

So now to decipher the data. LED's are the clear frontrunner in regards to lifespan, and with CFL's are clearly the cheapest energy saving bulbs in regards to running cost. Halogens use a surprising amount of electricity, and should not even be considered in my opinion.

So there you have it, go the CFL's or the LED's for your next bulb change, and with the longer lifespan, it might be the last time that you change a bulb in a long time. Life without flickering lights, and easier on the wallet, excellent.

The Australian Government implemented a phase out (electrical pun intended) of incandescent light globes. CFL light globes use only 20% of the electricity that a incandescent light globe uses in the same time. The obvious financial and environmental benefits are ensuring that this phase out is being accepted by all parts of the community.

Interesting Light Bulb Facts

How To Change A Fluorescent Light Bulb

  1. Turn off the power switch. Make sure that you can safely access the bulb. Remove the old tube. Use two hands to hold the tube, and rotate until the pins at the end of the tube are vertical, then gently pull the tube down.

  2. Install the new fluorescent bulb. Ensure the end pins are vertical. Slide both ends up, rotate the tube to lock in the pins at the end.

  3. Replace the starter if needed. Turn the starter anticlockwise to remove, and clockwise to install. Use the same size, and wattage starter, and keep the old started so that you know what you need to buy next time.

Responsible Bulb Disposal

Once you have changed your light bulbs, then comes the next dilemma; what is the responsible means to dispose of your old light bulbs?

Light globes are manufactured from a variety of heavy metals, including mercury. By recycling light globes the mercury can be recycled, thereby preventing it from being disposed in landfill. Even though there is only a small amount of mercury in each light globe, when you consider the enormous number of light globes that are changed daily throughout Australia, the benefits become evident. Additionally the other components of the light bulb can also be recycled, including glass and aluminium.

If you are still in the dark about recycling your light globes, there are State Departments that provide further information on light globe recycling.

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