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Practical Homecare Tips

Updated on August 12, 2016
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She is a children's author who's mindful of her house! She loves sharing beautiful home tidbits with you!

Keeping your home clean and organized shouldn't be extremely tedious. If you consistently clean up after yourself, you won't have a pile of cruddy clutter bothering you. And you'll know where everything is located in your house. This will save you heaps of time in searching for lost items.

Your home is your oasis! You should be allowed to keep it the way you desire. Except, it's been proven that a clean and tidy home will help you to feel healthier and your mind for sure will think clearer too.

All You Need Are a Few Basic Things:

In Sheila's home, all you'll need are a few basic things (sponge, paper, scrub brush, broom, cleaner, baking soda, Lysol (antibug solution) and heaps of creativity. I don't recommend using the latest and greatest Homecare products, since they might create a dreadful allergy. I like to use a natural all purpose cleaner made of oranges or lemons for most of my cleaning needs for countertops, floors, walls along with toilets and bathtubs. A natural cleaner will be easy on your lungs, except, you must remember to air out your house while you are cleaning by opening a window or back door to circulate the oxygen in your quarters.

Your Bathroom and Kitchen Are Your Most Important Rooms

It's been said that the key to an immaculate home is to have an uncontaminated bathroom and kitchen that is free of mold, moisture and bacteria. It's important to keep these rooms, sanitary, especially, when you have guests over. Nevertheless, for your peace of mind these are the first rooms to refresh on a daily basis and your bedrooms, den and sunrooms may be cleaned once a week.

Set a weekly day to wash all your sheets and pillowcases to eradicate bed bugs. Remember, to beat your beds with a pillow or rag to remove any debris and spray your mattresses with a disinfectant like Lysol.

Once every six to nine months, it's a fine idea to refresh your curtains to remove accumulated dust.

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How to Mix and Match Colors in Your Home?

Room Color
Best Match

Match Colors in Rooms to Create Contrast

Treating your home with tender loving care is grand. Heck, it's your sanctuary and no one call tell you how to live. If you need a few ideas that will spark your creative senses, well, I'm here to help.

In my home, I've painted every room in a fresh pastel color. My kitchen and family room are a country yellow. My living room is beige with red accents and each of my bedrooms are in a lavender, baby blue and fashion green respectively. I also have a pink bathroom and another is white.

My purple bedroom gives way to a veranda my husband built with beautiful French doors. Instead of dressing the curtains with another purple tone, I've chosen a candy rose drape and pink sheer to cover my opening. The blue bedroom is accented with a purple and white curtain and an authentic floral blue bedspread. And the green room is dressed with a golden sheer curtain, a floral painting and a unique floor lamp. My Florida room is in seafoam green.

Every colorful room in my house serves a purpose and I love the color therapy it emits. I never feel miserably out of sorts with these rooms, picking me up and addressing my every mood. It's a great feeling! If you try it you will benefit from its aura too.

Once your house is scrubbed and organized, you can sigh with relief.
Once your house is scrubbed and organized, you can sigh with relief. | Source

Tender Loving Homecare Tips

Crocheting a colorful blanket or Afghan for a bedroom or your living room will give your home a special appeal. Granny squares are the easiest to crochet and the most colorful if you change your yarn pattern. Besides bed linen, you can easily make accent pillows and even curtains too. It's up to you!

When you wash your drapes in the lowest setting on your washing machine, once they have spun, you can allow them to drip dry, instead of placing them in your dryer. This will save you time in ironing.

In your kitchen get into the corners and remove extra debris and don't forget behind your refrigerator and stove. This is where pests love to hang out! I prefer to hand wash my dishes and utensils, since, I've noticed that dishwashers may create a leak or drip into your neighbors apartment or worst yet your house. This can happen because of the moisture it traps below, or your house may suffer a sink hole underneath its foundation. Ouch!

Remember, to dry your utensils and dishes before putting them away, so they won't rust and grow bacteria.

If you replace your carpets with ceramic tile or wood, great! You'll need to seal your grout to keep it looking spiffy or else you'll end up spending loads of time having to scrub it. Realize carpets harbor dust and odors that are awful for allergy and asthma suffers. If you are prone to these, it's best to replace all your carpeting with either wood floors, ceramic tile or linoleum. I recommend tile or wood floors if you suffer with allergic reactions. Carpeting tends to trap dust and dirt that is extremely hard to get rid of even with a Hepa filter vacuum and linoleum is too arduous to keep clean once it gets dirty from traffic in your home.

Understand also, that granite countertops, though they are absolutely beautiful emit subtle toxic fumes and Formica tops are a safer choice.

Treat your toilets with tender loving care and do not ever throw paper towels, plastic, dust or food into it or else you may develop a problem with your septic tank or a clogged drain.

Remember, to clean the drains in your bathrooms by removing hair and soot buildup. Also, use a drain trap in your kitchen to catch food particles to protect your drain.

© 2015 Sheila Craan


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  • FlourishAnyway profile image

    FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

    I definitely recommend a test swatch of the paint on the wall because it can look very different on the wall compared to in the can. I had my husband paint an entire room while I was away only to discover it came out like a baby pink. It was supposed to be a salmon color. It was my formal living room. Yikes.

  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 2 years ago from Florida

    Salmon is such a beautiful color, especially for a formal dining room. My cousin painted her living room a soft pink and it was stunning with the décor and floral pink furniture she used. How did you work with your baby pink color in your formal living room?

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