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Shiraz rugs

Updated on September 28, 2013

Shiraz carpet is a famous type of Iranian rug made in the Fars province of Iran. Shiraz is a famous city located in the south west of Iran. The nomadic tribes who live around the Shiraz city excel in weaving Shiraz carpets. These rugs are famous due to their unique and distinct wool. These rugs have asymmetrical Persian knots. The rug weavers’ use fixed looms; therefore, the rugs are large and coarse as compared to other tribal rugs. The artisans sell Shiraz rugs in the market to traders who resell or export them.

Rich color combinations

Two main colors are used in Shiraz rugs including blue and red. Red color is used in the background and the other color pallets are worked against them. The blue color is used for filling the diamond shapes which are the most important feature of Shiraz rugs. Although red is predominant color but you can find other color combinations as well in Shiraz rugs including yellow and brown, green and black etc. Few rugs are completely made in blue, white, yellow colors with different small motifs.

Designs and patterns

Two main designs are very commonly found in Shiraz rugs that reflect the culture and history of the city. Floral designs and roses are heavily featured in Shiraz rugs due to the fact that Shiraz is city of roses. The other major design is diamond. The diamond is used as a single motif as well as repeated throughout the length of the carpet. The diamond motif is sometimes used in internal motifs and geometrical patterns. Circular and round objects are also used for making abstract designs on Shiraz rugs. Ghashghaie is a well known design that features lily and cypress combinations.

History of Shiraz rugs

The history of rug making in Shiraz region is very long and dates back to approximately 6 centuries. During the reign of Safavid family in the 17th century, the art of rug weaving got popularity. During the 18th century, the art became popular means of earning money from tourists. The tourists showed great interest in Shiraz rugs due to their geometrical designs, large borders and beautiful colors. Thus these rugs earned great reputation in the region and are sold all over the world nowadays.

Distinct features

There are certain features that are considered unique only to Shiraz area rugs. The red and blue color schemes are most often found in Shiraz rugs. The second most important feature is the large border that consists of motifs and symbols. The design features medallions that are found all over the carpet and mostly colored in blue and white. The original Shiraz rugs have real abrash and coarse feeling reflecting that the rugs are

Varying sizes

The Shiraz rugs are available in different sizes but most of the rugs are mid sized usually 4*6 or 8*10 feet. Rugs with large sizes are also available with online rug stores. You can also find rugs with piles on front as well as back sides.

Shiraz rug


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