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Shoe Racks - Where to Buy the Perfect Wooden or Closet Shoe Rack to Fit Your Needs

Updated on September 1, 2011

Shoe Rack and Shoe Organizers

There is nothing more frustrating then trying to find a matching pair of shoes in a big pile when you are in a hurry -- or even worse, finding that some of your shoes have been crushed or damaged while in that pile.

Shoe Racks are perfect for making your shoes easy to find, and ensuring they stay in perfect shape.

Luckily, when it come to choosing a shoe rack or shoe organizer, there are tons of options to choose from that can be used in bedrooms, hallways, laundry rooms and closets.

2 Tier Shoe Racks, 3 Tier Shoe Racks, 4 Tier Shoe Racks, Wooden Shoe Racks, Over the Door Shoe Racks, Under the Bed shoe organizers, Standing Shoe Trees and so many other options in between.

2 Tier Shoe Racks

Two tier shoe racks are perfect for hallways, entryways, smaller closets or to hold childrens shoes.

You have a choice of cedar wood, bamboo, chrome plated or plastic to choose from and many of them are either expandable or stackable if you decide you want to add further storage later.

3 Tier Shoe Racks

The following is selection of 3 Tier Shoe Racks to choose from.

The bamboo and wooden shoe racks are perfect for use in hallways or to be kept by doors for people walking in. They easily accommodate 20 to 30 pairs of shoes at a time and work great in bedroom closets as well.

4 Tier Shoe Rack

Below is a selection of 4 Tier Shoe Racks to choose from. Perfect for larger closets or larger shoe collections.

Many of these shoe organizers are also expandable or stackable for even larger closets.

They can hold anywhere from 12 pairs to 30 pairs of shoes.

Simply click on item below for more details on each item.

Over the Door Shoe Racks and Over the Door Shoe Organizers

Another great place to store shoes so you can keep them neat, orderly and from taking up too much space is an over the door shoe rack or shoe organizer.

These over the door shoe hangers can hold up to 24 pairs of shoes or more and are a very creative way of using unutilized space.

Under The Bed Shoe Organizer

Also, don't let that wonderful space under your bed to waste.

Here are a bunch of under the bed shoe organizers that will help keep your shoe collection neat, clean and organized while utilizing perfect storage space as well.

These under the bed shoe organizers are made of breathable material, yet zipper or cover up to keep your shoes dust free. They also have easy to grab handles for easy access.

Shoe Stands and Shoe Trees

Another great space saver are these Shoe Stand and Shoe Trees.

They hold up to 24 pairs of shoes, revolve for easy access, but also take up very little space.

Can be used inside closets or out.

This is another great shoe organizer that can be used by your front door or hallway as well.


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