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Shoes Under Storage Organizer

Updated on May 11, 2011

Shoes Under Storage

Shoes Under Organizer
Shoes Under Organizer

Shoes Under As Seen On TV

Shoes Under is another interesting As Seen On TV product worth taking a look at. As usual, the beauty of as seen on TV products is that they solve problems we all face in some degree. In the case of shoes under, the product serves as an under bed shoe organizer that, if it works well, will create more space in our closet and optimize space we rarely use.

So in theory, shoes under should be a pretty good thing. Let's also point out that shoes under does not have to go under your bed. It can fit on a closet floor or under a tall dresser and just unclutter your life. However, shoes under bed storage does create new usable space for you while leaving it in the closet just helps organize the space you are already using.

Most closet organizers are expensive and the cool ones can run over a hundred dollars, so the price offered when you buy shoes under online is very tempting. Most offers are for $10 plus S&H and will throw in an extra shoes under for your trouble. All in all that's room to store 24 pairs of shoes for $10 plus whatever the shipping turns out to be.

Shoes Under As Seen On TV

Shoes Under Review

So now that we know a little about what shoes under is and have seen it in action. let's see if it passes my review test.  I did buy my shoes under online and am not sure if you can find shoes under in stores or what it may cost there.  This is just a review of the product itself.

Once Shoes under arrived at my home there was not much to do before I loaded it up with shoes. No assembly was required but I will say it didn't look as sturdy as it appeared in the shoes under commercial.  Anyway, there were 12 compartments so I loaded them up with shoes to see how it went.

The first thing I noticed was that my shoes fit well, but I only wear a men's 9.5 so if you have shoes over, let's say a men's 11, you may be disappointed.  Now I cannot verify this so just be careful.

Next, I loaded up a few pairs of my wife's shoes and they fit fine. However, on the really high heels I had to twist them around a bit to get the perfect fit. Basically, one shoe had to face one way and the other in the opposite direction or heel pointing up toward the sky but it was no big deal.

Now, something I had not thought of earlier that dawned on me with my bonus shoes under was that for a guy, they are great for socks or underwear.  I happen to be a runner and like to keep my special running socks separate from my everyday sport socks. Also, I like to wear thick black socks to work and hate when I pick up a pair of those flimsy black dress socks when I'm going for my comfy ones, so loading up my shoes under with socks and not zipping the top, and sliding it under my bed for daily use was really cool and I was psyched.

Shoes Under As Seen On TV
Shoes Under As Seen On TV

Buy Shoes Under

So if you've read the shoes under reviews and want to buy shoes under, here's the offer going around the net right now.

Buy Shoes Under for $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling and get one free for just the S&H charge of $6.99.

  • Want more than two Shoes Under chests? Get three or more for $10 each with no additional S&H, a 40% savings!

  • Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade to the Deluxe more sturdy Shoes Under for just an additional $5.99 and no added S&H!

If you decide to buy shoes under from the offer above, you'll want to visit the shoes undercustomer service page and bookmark it for future reference.


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    • Seen On TV profile image

      Seen On TV 8 years ago

      Thanks Margarett,

      Did you over stuff them? or do you just think Shoes Under is too flimsy? Mine are on a wood floor so they slide easily under my dresser and bed.

    • profile image

      Margarett Stewart 8 years ago

      Looks great on TV and catalogs - just try pushing one under a bed - about the same as trying to push a rope or chain - I bought 4 and if I plan not to ever move them they work great -