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Shopping for a Vacuum?

Updated on May 20, 2013
Flat for use under the bed or furniture
Flat for use under the bed or furniture
Easy open front
Easy open front

Searching for a Vacuum? What about a Miele?

There are many great vacuums on the market, and I have had some of the best. Since we have had cats for many years, I have always been concerned about cat hair, especially with the long hair cats we have had for the past 11 years. The fine hair falls out in clumps, but usually takes its toll quickly on most vacuums.

Just to give the Miele’s competition its due, Bissell and Hoover had some great models that picked up all that fine hair. They last for a while, but they did not have some additional features that I have come to love on this Miele S7260 and I have had this one much longer.

What Makes it Unique

The Miele is a top of the line upright vacuum that has a swivel head that is patented for unbelievable maneuverability and quickly flattens to easily dust and remove lint from under the bed. There are other vacuums on the market that do swivel, but with other options that this vacuum offers, I believe this is the best. The long nozzle allows the use of attachments to complete a wide range of chores. It has an independent motor for its roller brush that can be quickly adjusted for various types of floor coverings.

Dust is Contained

When opening the front bag compartment, there is a dust filter which helps to eliminate dust that can float in the air within the vacuum. The bag has nine compressed layers. For those of you who remember the cloth reusable bags of the 50’s, this disposable bag will certainly impress. It feels like cloth.

The bag has a self-locking collar that traps the dust so the dust does not float back into the air when changing bags. If you have ever dropped a bag when switching from a used bag to a new bag, the advantage the self-locking collar will be appreciated. For those that have dust allergies, you will be pleasantly surprised at what an improvement these bags are over paper disposable bags.

The vacuum has a L.E.D. headlight and a 39’ cords which allows the vacuum to clean in a wide area and keeps plugging and unplugging to a minimum when moving from area to area.

The Hepa filter works to eliminate allergens in the air. The front loading cover has seams that close tighter when the machine is turned on which fascinates my husband and keeps dust and pollens contained.

It has a 7 year Motor Warranty, and adjusts to different rugs/floor heights easily. The Good Housekeeping Seal of approval allows the customer to have a 2-year overall warranty.

The vacuum is made from beginning to end in one plant in Germany. It was awarded the best product in Europe in 2007 over the Porsche. The UK named it as a top product two years for two years. The only company to have been given such an honor.

If shopping for a high quality vacuum, find your local distributor and take a closer look at this highly engineered vacuum. The cost is worth the value. The extra bonus feature at my house is I am not the only one who vacuums since we made the purchase.

Upright position
Upright position
position for cleaning under low surfaces
position for cleaning under low surfaces
plastic closing mechanism
plastic closing mechanism
Hepa filter
Hepa filter
Seams open
Seams open
Seams close
Seams close
inside filter
inside filter


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