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Shower Shaving Mirrors

Updated on January 17, 2011

One of the best times to shave is during a shower. This is particularly true because you do not need to lean over and stoop (over the sink), just so you don’t make a mess. Everything goes down the drain cleanly, and surely you won’t leave any excess shaved hairs from rinsing. However, to successfully do this, you need a shaving mirror designed particularly for the shower.

Shower shaving mirrors are common items so don’t think for a second that you’ll have a hard time finding them. They are also commonly referred to as just shower mirrors, and are used by both men and women—hey, women shave too right? Plus they do a lot more grooming stuff in the shower.

Tips on buying a shower shaving mirror

You might think that a shaving shower mirror is a very simple object, but there are ways and features that makes one better than the other. For starters, being that most people use heaters when showering, a mirror that does not fog is automatically a plus. How can one closely shave if all they can see is fog? Plus, such is potentially dangerous. Fogless shower mirrors are some of the most common kinds you’ll encounter when shopping for shower mirrors.

Another important thing to note when looking at mirrors is how it is positioned in the shower. For shaving, it is obviously important that the mirror is at head height, so you can use a permanent fixture for that. However, if you share the bathroom with, say family members, you might need a more versatile mirror. Some designs we’ve seen include those that are removable—stored from a plastic compartment, while others are adjustable or position-able—which you will both see in the featured products below. However, we think the second option is a safer option, because at least there’s not chance of accidentally dropping the mirror—which also leads us to the next feature.

The shower is a very wet place so slippage and breaking, especially for a mirror, is more common. If you are in the market for a shower mirror, make sure to get something that’s tough, or at least has the audacity to be listed as “unbreakable.” Yes, most shower mirror manufacturers will list their products as such, and although even though most of us might think of this as a sham, it will be at least made of something other than very fragile glass. Most mirrors that are labeled unbreakable are usually made from plastic and acrylic.

Other external features might include anything from razor hangers/racks, suction cup installs, pause and flow valves, etc. Below are some popular shaving mirrors to get you started with your quest. Click on each to learn more or read reviews.


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