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Silicone Pot Holders Premium - Trivet Hot Mat Set (4)

Updated on July 24, 2015


I received the Silicone Pot Holders Premium - Trivet Hot Mat Set (4) for free in exchange only for an honest unbiased review of the product.

Silicone Pot Holders Premium - Trivet Hot Mat Set (4)

The Silicone Pot Holders Premium comes with one ref, blue, green, and orange silicon pot holder. The silicon pot holders are FDA approved eco-friendly kitchen accessories. They are designed to be flexible, non-stick, non-scratch, heat-resistant, non-skid, and easy to clean. These silicone pot holders are temperature resistant from - 40 to 500°F. This means that they are also safe to be microwaved. They can be used for hot pots, hot pans, spoon/fork rest, coaster, and cold items in the kitchen. They can also be used outside of the kitchen for cleaning makeup brushes, holding hair curlers, hair straighteners, light bulb removers, cell phone rests, and as candle coasters. These pot holders are made from silicone because silicone is made from all natural ingredients, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, and non-leaching.


The set of four silicone pot holders arrived in a padded envelope undamaged. The padded envelope kept the silicone pot holders from experiencing any damage from shipping. Inside the padded envelope the silicone pot holders were in a clear plastic wrapping. The picture below was taken by me after I removed the product from the padded envelope so that you can see that they all arrived undamaged and in great condition.


Prior to getting these silicone pot holders for review purposes I had never used anything besides fabric pot holders. These new silicone pot holders taught me that I was missing out with sticking with the hard to clean fabric ones. My fabric made pot holders are almost impossible to clean, they skid around, and they have scratched the bottoms of my pots.

These pot holders are the way to go for all chefs, cooks, and home meal makers. I have so far used them for pots, pans, and curling irons without any complaints. I love that they are so easy to clean; I can just wipe any mess right off with a paper towel or rinse them off in the sink. I have also used them as covers in the microwave, to save on paper towels, with great results. When the sauce bubbled up onto the silicon pot holder in the microwave I was able to just clean it off in the sink. I then dried it with a towel and put my pot of spaghetti on it.

Outside of the kitchen I have begun to use these to rest my curling iron on to protect my bathroom counters from heat damage. Before I had these silicon pot holders I had to leave my curling iron on my bathroom trash can's lid, which was a hassle. I have also used these silicon pot holders as a cell phone charging station. It allows me to charge my phone without worrying about my phone getting bumped and falling of the counter because the non-slip feature of these pot holders prevents that.

Overall I would recommend that everyone get rid of their own fabric pot holders and upgrade to these Silicone Pot Holders Premium - Trivet Hot Mat Set. They will save you money in the long run with how they can be easily cleaned, they are reasonably priced, and they have multiple uses both in and out of the kitchen. In addition to be a great house item these silicone pot holders would also make a great gift item for anyone who cooks at all.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      These seem like they would indeed be useful.