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Silver Duvet Cover

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Sleek Silver Duvet Cover

A silver duvet cover is often mistaken as being just plain gray, however, a silver duvet cover will always possess a hint of shine or brilliance that a plain gray duvet cover will just not have. Not that there is anything wrong with a gray duvet. There are wonderful and beautiful gray duvet covers out there to choose from, but there's just a certain infinity that silver duvet covers have.

Silver duvet covers simply have a heightened elegance to them and do not often come in prints as gray duvets do, except sometimes you can find them in striped. This is often because you designers do not want to detract from the beauty of the material. In the end, the silver will always remain its purest when it is alone without pattern. Although, a jacquard or damask pattern will only heighten the silver duvet cover's elegance. That is because they have remained timeless in style.

The Natural Lustre Of Silver

Silver duvet covers are also a slightly different shade of gray. The color silver often goes in a direction toward blue, almost like natural stone color, that gray does not often make without being called slightly blue-gray. This does not mean that if you look at a silver duvet cover that you will be able to detect the blue.

You have to really know your colors to detect the different shades in silver. While some silvers are not as blue, they always seem to possess that brilliant lustre of quartz or shale that you find in the ground. It's not too masculine or feminine either, so it works great if you're married or in a committed relationship. Both of you will be able to enjoy it.

There's something about a silver duvet cover that will transform your bedroom from boring to beautiful and bold. Your bedroom will not look cold because of silver. Instead, a silver duvet cover will add a rich elegance to your bedroom. It's classic, it's elegant, and it's a completely affordable way to update your bedroom.

Pair it with the right accessories, and you will have yourself a bedroom fit only for a king and/or queen. You can shop for silver duvet covers online at and also eBay.

silver duvet cover
silver duvet cover


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