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Simple Bathroom Revamp Ideas

Updated on April 26, 2013

Remodelling bathroom is on the rise as it is mostly visited place in any home. All of us begin our day visiting bathroom. But what would happen if a bathroom we visit is not exciting or properly maintained? Certainly then, it could not set our moods to cope up with the rest of the day pleasantly. So it becomes pretty much of importance to keep the bathroom well-designed and well-furnished.

With so many designs, innovations and trends prevailing in bathroom renovation, chances are there for us getting baffled. So what are the easiest and well-to-do ways for remodelling a bathroom that go the distance matching both the style and budget? Here we have some of the better ideas to perfectly remodel your bathroom.

Adhere to Taps and Shower Initially

When it comes to bathroom, taps, shower or a bath is considered to be the major fixtures. In fact, your bathroom can represent that ‘Wow’ factor and enhance functionality features with a perfect match of taps and shower. Installing quality taps and simple shower functions with charming designs can give shimmering effects in any bathroom. But make sure that you do way with complex and hi-tech designs as sometimes indulging into straightforward designs can reflect peace of mind.

Relaxing in a Perfect Bath

First and foremost before selecting a bath, ensure that what kind of touch would you want in? Is it traditional or modern? For traditional feel, freestanding bathtubs with chrome leg sets are the best options. Brands such as Royce Morgan have great collections of traditional baths. And to continue with the modern zest, standard acrylic or shower bath is best to go well with. If you’ve enough of budget, you can opt for most modern type such as Whirlpool & Spa bath which will amazingly invigorate your bathing experience along with soothing spa feel; ultimately making your bathroom that will stand the test of time.

A Toilet Treatment

While refurbishing your bathroom, toilet should never be overlooked. If whole WC unit is working well enough, don’t just let it be as you can still enhance its look by replacing a toilet seat as it is available in ample colour options. Generally toilet seat has to be replaced periodically because hygiene is at the most.

Proper Storage Solution

Maintaining bathroom neat and well-organized is of utmost importance as it is usually used by all the family members. There in a bathroom all the toiletries, clothes and knickknacks should be organized properly to make your bathroom well-functioning and hygienic. Bathroom cabinet is a great storage solution for these. You can also opt for a cabinet equipped with a semi-recessed basin, mirror and light over it as it can add to multiple functions. Since it is down to personal choosing the right furniture for bathroom, bear in mind the needs, space and theme of your bathroom.

Tiles and Colours

Tiling or paint is a great way of refurbishing an existing bathroom. Get rid of over-tiling ideas and opt for most suitable tiles that go with the theme of your bathroom. Too much bright colours will smother the setting, thus research a thorough combination of colours and theme to making both the floor and walls interesting and appealing.

Accessorize Elegantly

Shower curtain is an excellent way of introducing elegance in your bathroom area. Beautifully-pictured curtains if installed with stunning curtains rings can bring in beauty and add décor statement. Further small accessories such as designer towel rails, robe hook and door knobs can make a big difference.

While giving facelifts to your existing bathroom, always look for the streamlined accessories and furniture and bear in mind that you don’t excessively store up the fixtures. Just keep the setting fuss-free and neat. Create as much scope of space as possible and enjoy your beautiful bathroom. For More information visit -


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