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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Updated on August 31, 2009

Cleaning your carpets is an important part of home maintenance. Not taking care of your carpets can be extremely costly especially if you have kids or pets. Carpeting is extremely expensive to replace and can be costly to clean professionally. However, if you know the basics of maintaining your floors you can keep that carpet looking nice for years to come.

If you are looking for a way to save money and while keeping your carpets clean and fresh then this article will be very helpful to you. Regardless of whether you have berber, textured saxony, or plush, you can clean your carpets.

This article will cover how to perform basic pet odor and stain removal and how to perform general maintenance home carpet cleaning tips.

Rust Stains Carpet Cleaning Tip

One of the most important home carpet stain cleaning tips is to prevent carpet damage before it starts. One way to help this is not to place wet objects on the floor that can potential stain your carpet. If your carpet is lighter in color this can really be an eyesore. One of the most common stains is rust. This happens when you place either wet metal objects such as tables bottoms after cleaning the table legs on the carpet or when you place the metal on wet carpet.

Fortunately, you can remove these unsightly stains. There are rust removal products you can buy at your local chain store such as Kmart or Walmart. If you have cleaning gloves wear them! You should be able to place a small amount on a cloth and dab it over the stain. Make sure you do not scrub into the carpeting. Gently rub the spot in one direction until the stain is removed. You can use a small amount of water and a cloth to help remove any left over residue.

If you have your floors professionally cleaned, make sure the carpet cleaning service you choose uses precautions underneath your tables and chair legs to help prevent these types of stains. Most will use either small styrofoam pads or specially made paperlike pads to prevent your furniture from staining your carpet. Wood stains can also be caused the same way these rust stains are and wood stains are extremely difficult to remove.

Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning Tips

Pet odor stains can be incredibly tricky. Not only do you have to deal with the unsightly stain, but usually the odor that goes along with it. Cat odors can be the worst to deal with by far. Cleaning the odor spot and stain as quickly as possible is very imporant. The acids or alkalis from the urine or emesis can permanently stain your carpets if left for a long time.

One of the best tips on carpet cleaning you can use if you have cats is try to avoid using ammonia type carpet cleaning products. Using ammonia can be an open invitation for the cat to urinate to claim it's "territory". Make sure you have provided your pet with a clean litter box also so the cat will be less likely to soil your carpets. Again, as with most carpet problems, one of the best home carpet cleaning tips is to prevent the problem to begin with.

One thing you may need to do depending on how badly the carpet is damaged is replace the padding. If the spots are throughout the whole room due to neglecting the problem over time, you will definitely need to replace the padding. If at all possible, you should remove the carpeting and wash the padding and underside of the carpet with hot water and spray with an antimicrobial carpet product that will help eat up the bacteria causing the odor. 

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