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Simple DIY for all types of tables in your home

Updated on July 29, 2016

Tables have always been a very helpful and beguiling piece of furniture inside our homes. There are hardly a few tasks that we can do without requiring a table. This nifty, functional piece of furniture is not born just to add to our comfort. Indeed, it was created to add allurance to our room and make it incredibly facile and easy to decorate your home. Standing on its four legs, it beautifully carries all our important things without complaining. There is not just one member that is functional in this family of Tables, in fact, almost all its family members are a help big time.

Try to take a look around your house and you will realize that, whether it is a dining room, a study room or even a dressing room, they all have different types of tables. These complete the visual aesthetics and add abundantly to the decor as well as comfort. No room, in our home, can be completed without a table. Moreover, if you notice carefully, the name of the various rooms in our homes are kept on the names of the tables, which are stored there. A table characterizes a place, for example, you can not imagine a dining room, without a dining table. Similarly, there is no study room without a study table. Further, coffee tables in the living room are oh-so innate, that without them, the look of the sofa can not be completed. Same is the story with the bedside tables, beds without the bedside tables sound like a human without the eyes. But, many people opt not to buy them, if they miserably lack on the floor-space. But if you have an appropriate space, then you must not avoid the idea of keeping the bedside tables, which add ease to your routine and are vital as an attribute.

We buy exceedingly expensive tables for all the areas of our home, but then, we forget to give them a makeover over a period. No table can boost the luxuriance of your home, until and unless you decorate them. Trust me! Decorating your tables is not an issue at all, in fact, we just have to use some extra materials we already have in our homes and some of our imagination and creativity skills, and there we are. So, here, I will tell you the importance of all the tables in our house and some quick and easy-peasy DIY to enhance the beauty of your dear tables:

Dining Table

The dining table has been a representative of our living standard and hospitality, more than being and important furniture item to dine on. In the society we are brought up; a dining table plays a majorly essential role. This multi-utilitarian item can be your eating as well as a meeting place, i.e., you can dine and have meaningful conversations on this table, be it a family matter or a professional one. Your children can do their homework or operate their laptop over it if needed. Also, if your family is a game buff, then, just bring the game to the table and see the flood of good family moments.

How can we forget, it is the heart of any party? Be it a birthday party, office party or a dinner party, you can never raise a toast without a dining table. Above all, it features your dining room and represents your status as well. With a dining table in your home, your kids can inculcate the dining table etiquette at a tender age, which marks their personality in the future. So, now the point is, that we can do nothing for this do-gooder, which is why I have shared some amazing DIY hacks to decorate your table in super easy ways, here you go:

Invert the wine glasses

Have you ever thought of making a candle stand of the elegant wine glasses, that you fancy holding and sipping delicious wine from? Then I have some idea for you. What we can do is, we can just take round, decorative wooden tray. Then, take the wine glass and fill some cute little red balls in it. You can also use enticing and bright artificial flowers inside the wine glass, and then invert it upside down on the tray. Do the same with three to four wine glasses, and it would be better if they vary in height. Now, stack some vanilla (or any flavor) essence candles on the flat end of the inverted wine glass, and light them. It looks astounding, and the aroma adds to the aura.

Enlighten the jars

Another beautiful idea could be using an elongated, rectangular shaped tray. Sprinkle some glitter around the tray and place the glass jars on it, after placing the plate at the center of the table. On the tray, align the jars sequentially and fill them with white sand. Now dig the large essence candles and inside the jar and light them. Oh-so-pretty!!

Small personal lamps

This one is my favorite! The most winsome and adorable hack is also done with the help of the wine glass. This is not center oriented decoration, in fact, this would be done on each seat. Take a wine glass and try to wrap a rectangle cutting off a printed paper, around its open end. This should be done such that, the open end remains opened with the smaller aperture, made by the folding of the printed paper. Via that, enter the candle inside the glass and light it. You own small personal lampshade looks adorable!

Coffee Table

As pious and generous as our cup of coffee, a coffee table too serves beautifully. A coffee table, although, is a small center piece of furniture that may not look as evident as the sofa set, but has the power to define your living room efficiently. They may be undervalued, because of their minimal visibility, but they can be used in numerous ways, like, they can be used to display your antique knick-knacks or magazines and novel collection. They can also be used to play chess or other indoor games, with you family. Moreover, all the last minute work can be done on this too. Chuck everything else, you can also sit down beside a cute small coffee table and sip your cup of coffee to let your mind wander. That could be the gala time.

These are the only tables that have the maximum flexibility with the new modular and imaginative designs, which is why they can bring character to your living room. So, as a token of gratitude, we need to work on our existing coffee table, to add some gleam to it. So, take a read:

Lighten the cylindrical jar

Since a coffee table is a small creature in the world of furniture, so adding a centerpiece, would alone suffice its decor needs. A cylindrical glass jar can be used as the base around which we can equidistantly wrap the battery-operated LED wire. Then we can half fill the jar with water and fill some long, fresh lilies in it. You can also use some floating candles, if not lily.

Pumpkin and orange candles

Take an average sized pumpkin and cut open it from its head. Now empty all the stuff out of the pumpkin, and dry it. Meanwhile, melt the wax candle and pour the melted wax inside the hollow pumpkin. Let it settle until it condenses to form the candle again. Now light it up. Place some oranges near it, and it looks so original and natural.

Confetti Bowl

Take an inflated balloon and apply the mixture of Adhesive and water (3:1), on its lower hemispherical surface. Now pour the colorful; confetti balls over the part, where the glue was applied. Let the confetti balls cover the lower hemisphere completely, leaving no void. Now, if the glue is completely dried, and all is struck, try to pin the balloon gently. Remove the balloon and there you have your bowl made of colorful confetti balls. Add some beautiful stones to it and keep it on the coffee table.

Dressing Table

Combined with the chest of drawers, mirror, and stool, this comprehensive and compact piece of furniture is every man’s and every woman’s need. Off course, to look presentable and well groomed, one needs an appropriate dressing table, wherein we can sit and get ready. You need it almost always, to check your flaws closely, to practice your speech or to boost your confidence before leaving for a party. When the entire world is there to make you count your flaws, you can simply sit here and adore yourself.

Apart from all these plus points, a dressing table gives its cent percent, because it not only reflects your beauty but also spreads radiance in the room. So, just like it helps you beautify your face so that you can leave for the show like a pro, it is our responsibility to make it look pretty as well, so check out the DIY:

Photo box

Take a big cardboard and cut four squares of equal dimensions from it. Now, cover all the four squares with a pretty printed sheet neatly. After that, stick your family pictures on the smooth side of the covered squares. Now, try to hold the four equal sized card boards in such a way that it forms a cuboid without base and top. This box can be filled with artificial Lillie or some other lower.

Utility buckets

Buy small bucket available in the market and color them in some pretty color as per your wish. If not this, then you can also use similar plastic jars and color them bright. Now take a rectangular wooden tray and nail it to the wall of your dressing table. Make the hook for the glasses and hang them on those hooks. You can keep your beauty brushes and liners all over there.

Console Table

Leaving an ugly wall, without doing anything that can make it look better, can spoil the look of your room entirely. This does not mean that you have to do all the gaudy, unnecessary decorations on all the walls of the room, and make it look like a circus. Adding a console table can be a decent addition to making your wall adorning. Since a console table is traditionally placed at the entrance, right next to the main door, this makes it look more warm, attractive and inviting.

Family Tree

Well, this is not a complete DIY thing, because it requires professional skill. Therefore, we will buy a hanging tree showpiece from the market and color it golden or silver. Now use all the hanging threads in the tree to tie them with your family pictures. How beautiful it looks when all the photos are hanging on that tree, kept on the table, right at the entrance.

Glittering pot

Take an earthen pot and color it black. Now, spread the moisture of adhesive and glue over the entire surface of the pot, after the color is dried. Try to stick the silver or bronze shining coins over it. After the entire surface is covered, you can see how glittery it looks, so keep it on the table and add some fake flowers. Just the way you used the coins to stick on the surface, you can also use the small, round mirrors.

Message on the Bottle

Take four similar looking wine bottles and paint them in a different color. Now, On the first bottle write the letter L, stick a flower on the second and write V and E, respectively on the lat two bottles. Love is on display now! You can go for some other messages too, according to the number of bottles you have.

Those were all I could share with you for the time being. But make sure you try the most of them, to add surplus beauty to your home.


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