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Simple Fall Decoration Ideas That Anyone Can Handle

Updated on October 21, 2008

Fall is a time of rich colors: reds, oranges and yellows. Red is a color that is associated with human passions. The color orange commonly represents desire and flamboyance. While, yellow is seen to represent warmth and happiness. With such meaning behind the colors of fall it is hard to go wrong with the decorations.

Moreover, decorating in the fall can be simple and inexpensive. All you need for a simple center piece are items you would find in nature at this time of year: leaves, acorns, squash and cranberries can all be used in decoration. (You could also use evergreen but that tends to make decorations appear more wintery than fall.)

The leaves will cost nothing but time. You can even take your children out with you to collect some leaves. Depending on the type of decoration you plan to make you may or may not want them on the branch.

If you are going to do a floral type arrangement in a vase you will want the leaves still on the branch. Choose several branches with a fair number of leaves and of varying heights. In a large vase combine the leafy branches with cranberry branches. If you can not get cranberry branches you can use floral wire to create a fan of cranberries to add to your arrangement. Acorns can also be added using floral wire. Your arrangement can be used alone or you can place small squash and pumpkins around the base.

Squash is wonderful decorating option for the fall. As you can see in the picture to the right it comes in a variety of colors and shapes beyond the orange pumpkin seen at Halloween. However, like the pumpkin, most squash lend themselves to becoming candle holders. And, if you press the leaves you collected, you can use them as a mat upon which to set your squash.

Choose three small to medium sized squash of relatively similar size. Hollow them out to use as candle holders for votive or tea lights (depending on their size). You can choose to carve a simple pattern into their sides or not depending on your time and preference.

Choose two pillar candles, the same size shape and color. (Any fall color will work quite well.) Space your squash and pillar candles down your table on your mat of leaves equidistance apart squash, pillar candle, squash. Then use cranberries and/or acorns to decorate the base of each pillar candle. (If you picked a red candle you will probably want to use acorns instead of cranberries for the color variation.)

You could also simply choose three or five squash of varying size and color and arrange them equidistance along the length of the table. You could place them on a mat of leaves or decorate the bases with cranberries and/or acorns.

If you are decorating a longer area and choose to use five squash it is best to choose either two larger squash and three smaller squash or three larger and two smaller. The squash can then be placed small then larger or vice versa. Or if your squash are all relatively the same size you could group them by color again in threes and twos and using the pattern above. (With three squash choose three different sizes or color.)

If you have the time you could go for a little more pizzazz by painting your squash. Gold paint is usually the simplest choice but reds and whites can also look good. Choose a simple scroll pattern as you will be painting a ridged vegetable. (A more complex design is shown to the right.) Depending on the age of your children and how concerned you are with the perfection of your decorations, painting is another way they can help with decorations.

If you pattern is simple enough, or you are talented with a paintbrush, you can paint free hand. However, it will probably be easier to use a stencil. Arts and crafts stores and home improvement stores should have a nice selection to choose from. Another option is to make your own stencil. Pencil your design on cardstock, and then cut it out using an X-Acto knife.

However, after painting one squash you may decide not to paint more. Don't despair. You can still use your newly painted masterpiece. Choose a tall candleholder (pillar candle holders should be the right size) and place your squash on it for display.

This idea also works for two painted squash of relatively equal size. You could even choose three unpainted squash to alternate with the decorated squash for a longer table. Raising two squash on candle holders also works great if you only have smaller squash to work with. Then you can arrange them short then tall.

These designs are also easily adapted to coffee tables, end tables and window sills. For window sills stick with smaller squash and keep your vases and candle holders narrow. For end tables and coffee tables avoid the five squash designs. Also with end tables clump the three squash instead of lining them up.

I hope your whole family enjoys the fun festive fall decorations.


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    • Joy M profile image

      Joy M 8 years ago from Sumner, Washington

      I've always loved Autumn colors. They are so rich.

    • TrudyVan profile image

      TrudyVan Curre 8 years ago from South Africa

      Hello there Joy M Nice hub. I love decorating my own home and Autumn colours are beautiful