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Simple Home Electricity Saving Tips

Updated on April 4, 2012

With the recent Earth hour event which the whole world participated in, I have been inspired to write a few simple home electricity saving tips that everybody can do and put into practice.

This will not only help us keep some money in our pocket during these hard recession times, it will also help mother earth with the worldwide problem that almost every nation is facing (insert a hyphen – or colon :) pollution. Every time we use power like electricity, somewhere out there a power plant is burning fuel to produce power to sustain our usage which contributes to the pollution problem. If every household practice and follow these simple home electricity saving tips, then it can help conserve power and reduce pollution.

  1. Turn off lights that brighten up a room if no one is using it.

  2. If you can utilize daylight instead of lamps when doing chores, then do so.

  3. Change your incandescent lamps with energy saving compact fluorescent lamps.

  4. Appliances when not in use still use electricity so keep them unplug.

  5. Storing uncovered liquid in your refrigerator will consume more electricity. Liquid container should be covered.

  6. Avoid storing hot food on the refrigerator; cool them first at room temperature.

  7. Dishwasher should be filled efficiently and limit the number of times it is run per day.

  8. Avoid using the washing machine if you don’t have a full load.

  9. Hang your clothes to dry whenever possible.

  10. Keep your air conditioning unit filters clean.

  11. Keep doors and windows close when using air conditioning unit.

  12. Install fast heaters and schedule family members’ shower time close together.

  13. Defrost food at room temperature instead of using the microwave to defrost it for you.
  14. Clean out dryer lint collector. (Courtesy of Au Fait - Thanks)
  15. Change your furnace filters regularly. (Courtesy of Au Fait - Thanks)

These home electricity saving tips are not hard to do, in fact they are simple common sense. Here in my country we experience casual power interruption due to power shortage. If every household do its part in conserving electricity, then it will minimize power interruption. Mother Earth needs our help and by practicing these simple home electricity saving tips we can help her and make our planet a much cleaner and better place to live in.


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