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Simple Ways to Finally Get Organized

Updated on February 15, 2015

A Simple Organized Life...Finally!

Organization is the act or process of organizing; this act is applied to either an individual's life, home, work or family. Becoming organized is something that people strive for in many or all aspects of their lives. You may be asking yourself "What does "being organized" mean?" To put it simply, when you are organized you are aware of where things are, where you are going and what you are doing. To be organized means you are able to overcome the things that tend to hold you back from accomplishing all that needs to be done.

Many of you may think that being organized is just a term, but it is actually an act. Being organized is a state of mind where many actions are taking place in order for you as an individual to be prepared for anything and everything that happens in your life. It is true, when you have an organized household it actually helps you as a person to conquer anything that can be thrown at you at any point of your life.

The majority of people truly think that they are organized, but they couldn't be more wrong. If you were to ask the majority of people where things are in the house or when they walk into their house and they have items scattered everywhere, piles of papers accumulated on counter tops, they suddenly come to the realization they aren't as organized as they thought.

You might be asking the questions, where do I begin when it comes to being organized? How does one actually become organized? How does a person stay organized? Well its not as difficult as you may think, I at first thought that becoming organized was extremely overwhelming. Through trial and error as well as implementing some tips and tricks I have come across, the process was a whole lot easier than I could have ever imagined. Here are some of my tricks to getting yourself organized for the most important areas of your life. Just remember mess=stress.

Being Organized is a Science

If science is saying that clutter and disorganization is bad for you than it must be true, there has been research on the subject. It is a fact that a cluttered environment reduces your ability to focus, process information, reduces productivity and can impact your mood in a negative way. So in order for these things not to happen just simply cut the clutter, you will not only get way more things accomplished but you will also feel better in the long run.

My first tip I am going to share with you is to: schedule regular de-cluttering sessions. Really try to make a habit of taking 15 minutes everyday to de-clutter. Try scheduling these sessions for either first thing in the morning to start your day off right or perhaps first thing when you get home before crashing on the couch. If you happen to be one of those people who attract clutter and feel overwhelmed easily by your mess, than just take it slow don't take on more than you can handle. Organization is a marathon not a sprint.

Remember this simple 80/20 rule: there is a very good chance that you probably use about 20 percent of your things maybe 80 percent of the time. Sift through your belongings and keep the only 20 percent that you use most often easily accessible and find a place for the rest (or discard the things you rarely use, why just hold on to junk).


Clean Out Your Closet

Speaking of clutter, junk and chaos, have you taken a good hard look at your closet? Is it practically bursting at the seams? Make your morning wardrobe changes a little less chaotic by following the rule: one in, one out. Every time you buy a new item of clothing to add to your already extensive wardrobe, find an existing item in that clutter that you can donate it (only if it's in good condition), recycle it (use old shirts as a cleaning rag), or just throw it away.

If you really want to cut back on your cluttered closet, just try starting with just one in, two out or if you feeling daring three out, keep doing this until your closet becomes more manageable. I know that this can be hard at first because you convince yourself that there will be some point in time where you will wear that article of clothing that has been sitting in your closet for a year with the tag still on, but you need to start somewhere. In the end, this process will make you feel pretty freeing once you get the hand out of it.


Clean Your Cleaning Cabinet

As ironic as it is the messiest and most unorganized place in your home is your cabinet of cleaning supplies. Bottles, tubs, and wipes in complete and utter disarray, most likely stored in a dark place under the sink. Storing cleaning supplies under the sink is also dangeruous, especially if you have little kids running around or extremely smart pets that have figured out how to open cabinet doors. Not only do you have an unorganized mess, you probably also have a cleaner for every dirty problem in your house which can add up and become expensive. Surprisingly, there is a much better way which would be making the cleaners yourself, and you don't have to be crafty to accomplish this.

By mixing up a few simple and effective cleaning mixes, you will not only save a ton of space in your cabinet but also a nice chunk of change in your wallet. Another positive thing about making the cleaners yourself is that its safer for you, your family and pets because you are keeping them away from toxic materials which are found in many over-the-counter cleaners, while also reducing waste. In DIY cleaners the majority of the ingredients can be bought in bulk as well as having other purposes throughout the home. One simple recipe would be to just mix baking soda, vinegar and some essential orders to make it smell nice, you can find a ton more DIY cleaner recipes on the internet.

Meal Planning

Eating. Its necessary for living, you've gotta do it. Its nice to enjoy a lunch out with friends, and you may plan a lovely three course meal at home for your family. More than likely because your starving and exhausted from a long, hard day you run to the closest grocery store and grab a quick something to whip up in a jiffy. If you are one of these individuals than your meal routine is obviously not working.

Give planning ahead a try! Once a week take a few minutes to create a reasonable meal plan and purchase all your groceries in one trip. This will save you a ton of much needed time you could be spending doing something else with and money that you can save for something more important. With your weekly meal planning also add in a weekly fridge cleaning, which will help keep your fridge organized as well as keeping you from forgetting what you have and letting them go to waste. When meal plan, try to remember or write down the serving sizes of each recipe that way you designate certain meals for leftovers. I personally love leftovers, they are quick, convenient and cleaning is down to a minimum. Plus with meal planning you have an excuse to use those cookbooks that have been taking up space on your bookshelf.

Getting Your Finances in Check

There is a very good chance many of you are not financial gurus like Susie Orman. I most certianly am not, I can say that honestly. I do really try my hardest to follow a few simple tips to keeping my finances in check. I feel like this first tip is important, I check my credit score every so often to see what it looks like. Just recently my boyfriend and I started getting serious about saving money, paying off bills in a timely manner and looking for a new place to live, we needed to take the time to understand our credit scores. It can be very overwhelming on how to go about checking your credit score with all the "free credit report" commercials and websites out there, but it is extremely easy and straightforward. Afer we figured it out, we wrote down our credit scores to keep a financial journal and every couple months we check again to see where we stand and how well we are doing with our credit.

Another good tip we try to follow when spending money is the 50/20/30 rule. You should spend 50 percent of your income on the absolute necessities (food, living expenses like rent, car expenses like gas etc.), 20 percent on your financial obligations (savings, getting out of debt, retirement fund, etc.), and the 30 percent on lifestyle choices (this includes everything else like clothing, dining out, taking vacations etc.). This rule is tough, even for me, it's not always easy or even possible depending on your financial situation, but it is an important rule to remember when you do decide to start organizing your finances.

I really hope that these tips I am sharing help you out with your organizing dilemma. I promise you that once you start organizing and making sure everything has a place you will feel so much better, peaceful and less stressed knowing that the mess is slowly disappearing. Good luck with organizing and try to have fun, I don't want you to find organizing as another chore but a way to change your life.


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