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Simple and Easy Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Updated on November 30, 2015

Christmas is a special time of the year! The whole family comes together to pray, feast,dance and celebrate. The love that’s poured out in the form of blessing, wishes and presents is simply overwhelming. Decking up home to welcome your loved ones and make the entire atmosphere celebratory is absolutely heart-warming. So we have put together a small guide on how to smartly deck up your home with minimal efforts to impress your guests!

1. Focus on the door:

This is a trailer to the movie! The way you deck this up will make or break that first impression.

  • Don’t go or traditional wreath made up of red, green and white Christmas items. This holiday, go seasonal with your wreath on the door. Use local products in your wreath rather than artificial décor. In case you are staying in warmer areas like California, use dried flowers, citrus fruits and other organic materials in wreath. Winter berries, greens and even chocolate wrappers can leave good first impression.
  • One can get creative doormat too for a warm welcome. Don’t buy usual doormats with words like ‘Welcome’ printed on them. Show some creativity! Use automated lighting, attractive patterns and battery operated candles to make your doormat more Christmassy! May be a cute snowman besides the door wearing rainbow colours can further add some vibrancy to the festivities.

2. Create trendy dining table:

Dining tables play important part in Christmas home décor. Though table setting sounds very tedious but simple to do in real. One can make dining table more original by getting customized table cloth.

  • Hard core fans can decorate dinner table with merchandise of their favourite movies and shows. Wool, burlap or linen like natural materials can be utilized for decorations too. Give the dinner table the touch of freshness with small pumpkins, pomegranates and other fruits. It is definitely better than going for plastic Christmas décor.
  • Ask your kids and their friends to draw anything related to Christmas. Have them autograph it, put a date of the creation. Now arrange these sheets in between the transparent glass top of your dining table and the wooden top surface. You will receive such adorable compliments as the dining table would sort of become a mini-art display, adding some really nice Xams home and human feel.

Another simple trick- Pick up big fallen leaves and write names of all guests with silver pen on it.


3. Make your own mini bar:

In some holiday parties, dining tables are totally unnecessary. Convert that into a mini bar instead. It can act as small self-serve bar. Give it a festive touch by adding vase of flowers or bowl full of chocolates.

  • One can also create own moving drinks table or trolley, if you can easily find the bar cart in market. Just give it a holiday look using sparkles and lighting. Put battery operated string lights inside large glass jar. It sounds simple but gives awesome ambient light which compliment drinks.
  • You could also have LED shot glasses in the colorus that are co-ordinated as per your own party theme of simple Xmas theme- green & red.


4. Create attractive coffee table:

Amidst the chaos that a family party brings, once in a while everyone wants some peace! Just to break away from the drama and spend some quality time all by themselves! This is when a minimalist coffee table will come prove to be handy.

Simple vase with fresh flowers can make lot of difference. Put your favourite photography book, albums and coffee table books on a display here. It can also be that corner to have meaningful conversation with your favourite guests over a cuppa hot coffee in harsh winter.


5. Don’t forget the restroom!

No matter how odd it sounds but decorating a rest room is important. That’s one space each of your guests will definitely be at, so why not make it special and possibly humorous that way your guests would appreciate.

  • Start from basics. Make sure you have enough fresh towels and fragrant soaps, preferably colour co-ordinate them.
  • One can also experiment with scented candles in bathroom.
  • Having small potted plants around the sink will absorb the moisture and give good look to the restroom.

Put up some silly quotes about rules to use the toilet seat!

There are numerous ideas to decorate your Christmas tree, living rooms and lawns; but when you run short of the time, just doing these things are more than enough to leave an impression on your guests!

Which is your favourite part of decorating your home for Christmas?

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