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Simple steps to set up your first Organic Garden

Updated on March 25, 2012
Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening
Organic Fertilizers
Organic Fertilizers

As an amateur gardener, I always wanted my backyard garden green and rich with flowers and vegetables. Though I was not enjoying it at the beginning, the amount of relaxation and rejuvenation it provided increased my addiction. And it was not expensive to start with; in fact, it depends on what you want to cultivate. One basic point, I learnt is that try not to plant anything just for the sake of gardening. The location, climatic conditions and the nature of the soil determines what to grow. After all you are doing it to see them grow and nourish.

Then my whole concentration was towards “organic gardening”. It is nothing but, the techniques which do not involve synthetic fertilizers, pesticides rather using biological methods. I made the first attempt by producing some organic fertilizers. It do sound bit complex, but so simple that your child can get it done. Take a bucket and fill half with moist soil. And try putting anything from your kitchen waste, be it peels of vegetables, egg shells, tea or coffee residue etc and keep mixing them with soil and water. Do take care that it is kept in the sunlight and properly mixed so that decomposition takes place. And here you are with your own organic fertilizer. It usually takes 15-25 days to prepare good organic fertilizer.

Organic gardening involves simple methods as described below: -

Bed Preparation: Choose an area where you would like to garden. And loosen the soils using a spade and remove all the grass and other weeds.

Furrow: - Keep a design in your mind and cut out soil accordingly. Do not make deep furrow, just keep it deep up to 15-20 cm.

Moisture: - Put lots of water at the beginning as it will help to plant as well as loosen the soil for any microbial growth.

Sow Seeds: Use indigenous and healthy seeds which are not prepared by synthetic methods or even genetically modified. Do talk to the shop owner from where you purchase them. Keep sowing the seeds at a distance of 10-20 cm from each other. The distance needs to be verified as each variety of plants requires a specific measurement from each other.

Soil it up: - Bury the seeds with soil covering just enough to hide them below. Too much soiling can make them devour of fertilizers and other nutrients.

Water them: Do it on regular basis. The best time for doing it is either morning or evening. Do not water your plants when the sun is high up. Reduce watering when they are sprouted.

Organic Fertilizers: - Use organic fertilizers prepared as above and add earthworms if available. This will increase the microbial activities inside the soil which is highly beneficial for the plants.

Future of Organic Gardening:

The future looks very promising for organic gardening. Uses of synthetic and poisonous chemicals are getting banned in lots of countries. The sales of organic foods have grown by over 20-25% annually. As the prices of petroleum products are going up every day, the organic farming will be the cheap method in future and the prospect is looking very bright. It is to be driven by individuals by first starting them at their homes as explained above and then probably try a mass cultivation. Though the yield from Organic gardening may be low at the beginning, it will only keep increasing as you are not using any synthetic or petroleum based fertilizers over it. On a longer run, organic gardening/farming is here to stay and grow.

Please share your experiences with organic gardening.

What type of fertilizers do you use for your gardening?

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