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Simple ways to building a compost bin

Updated on January 16, 2011

Building a compost bin can be quite an easy task. Even if you’re really not into carpentry or into tinkering stuff, you can still make compost bin plans on your own. Compost bins have been considered as revolutionary tools. Not only does it help store organic scraps, it also helps turn these into a very valuable source of nutrients for your soil and plants.

Material options for your composter

If you’re up for a challenge in making compost bins from scratch (from choosing the material, design, shape, etc) then do it! Otherwise, resort to getting yourself those containers that can be immediately transformed into a composter, like an old plastic pail, recycled trash bin, or wood barrel for example (a few things that you can probably find at home).

Turn any recycled container into a composter

Make your own composter by recycling any old and untreated container (i.e. trash can). But always make sure that it has a lid (this will serve as a cover for your compost from moist and pests). So whether it’s plastic, rubber, concrete, or wooden-made, also consider using containers that are 2 feet tall (so you’ll be able to put in as much compost materials inside it).

Simple steps to getting your composter ready for use: Start by drilling holes

When you decide to build your composter using an old plastic trash bin, your first step should be is to drill several holes on your container. Drill at least about 8 to 10 tiny holes around the bin. Also make sure to drill on the base (for drainage purposes), and near the top surface (for ventilation reasons). 

A wooden-made composter

How to make a compost bin using wood can be tasking but very fulfilling, especially when you know that you’ve built something from scratch. But besides that, you’ll be needing some utility wood (purchase your desired length and width depending on the size and capacity that you intend to create), woodscrews  (2-inch screws), and a wood sealer (a quart worth) for your DIY compost bin.

How to build your wooden compost bin

To know how to build a composter should start by sawing through your wood pieces. Cut pieces that can help you mold it into a square shape. After this, start laying boards one after the other. Secure these together by drilling screws into it. As soon as you’re done with this, apply your wood sealer for a nicer finish. 

Make compost using your new composter!

When you’ve learned the basics to building a compost bin, then you can proceed to a new set of steps, and that’s how to make compost. You will enjoy making compost when you know that you’re recycling using something that you’ve made. Not only does composting save you on costs, you’re also practicing being eco-friendly.


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    • watergeek profile image

      watergeek 5 years ago from Pasadena CA

      Very useful article. I have a Green Council I'm going to send this out to. We're always looking for useful, hands-on types of green projects like this.

    • GreenerGreener profile image

      GreenerGreener 7 years ago from

      Great info on building a compost bin. If you're lazy like me though and want to just buy one I'd recommend the Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler. I have a review on my blog if you want to check it out.


    • jayjay40 profile image

      jayjay40 7 years ago from Bristol England

      Very useful hub, I didn't know you could use so many things as a composter. Thanks for sharing